I take pictures. Nothing more. Nothing less. 

"Come Visit Our Planet"

Today is the day for this new lecture, "Come Visit Our Planet" I have spent 5 weeks going over all my 35,000 best digital travel images to pick the VERY best 250 for a colorful and creative look at all 7 continents. I even left the hospital yesterday to delay small procedure until Tuesday, so I could give this lecture. Anyone in Orlando, I hope you can come and support me on this. Free Admission -- tell them you are my guest at the door if they ask for money, which they shouldn't. 


Downtown Orlando, 99 E Marks Street 32803 Marks Senior Center. A large pink building on the corner of Marks & Magnolia Streets. 


Hope to see you there. You will not be disappointed. I am more excited about this show than any of the hundreds of lectures I have ever given anywhere around the world. Cheers!


P.S. The only picture I didn't whoot was the one below, obviously!