I take pictures. Nothing more. Nothing less. 

Perhaps a Little Bit of Photo Equipment!


When I first moved to Orlando, we sent this image out on a postcard to clients around the USA to have them still hire us from our new base in Orlando. I had left a lot of fashion clients behind in Miami, and we wanted to let all clients know we were pretty competent even though we had moved to the "smaller" city of Orlando.

The card read: "How can he be any good when he's not based in New York City??" 

So my assistant, Joe Rotruck, and I spent hours arranging and then we stood with all the GEAR! Pretty impressive at the time -- heck, it still looks like we know what we're doing!

It worked. We kept a lot of my old clients and got new ones -- just meant more flights to places as the market was never big here in Orlando. But I love living here so it is still worth it indeed. We carry less now, by the way! This was crazy with all the various cameras in various formats and all the lights and so many lenses!


Screen Shot 2015-05-28 at 10.07.29 AM