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Inside the New Cuba


I grew up reading Time Life Books. Especially the photography books -- I learned a lot about photography in high school from those Silver & Black books. How many of you remember that series of books?



Last month, Time Inc had seen my Cuba old classic auto image and they called to ask if they could buy it for the cover of a brand new book on Cuba with all the new changes from Obama. We made the deal (see surprise money deal in the PS below!) and they sent us several copies 2 days ago of this now finished book just out -- they are fast with printing!. I have had a large number of stock images sold to Time Magazine over the years, but this book means more to me than those because of my love for Cuba. I have been there 8 times since 2004, and it is important to me that it keeps it's spirit and zest when USA come rushing in to change it. I will be taking another group back there in Spring of 2016, if you are interested. That trip will sell out quickly, I believe.



My only picture here on the cover is the classic Chevy in the really old city of Trinidad, Cuba. But I swear I took photos of children in school exactly like that one. So enjoy this cover in a new book that should be in book stores soon with much of the new Cuba and all the changes. Viva la Cuba!


P.S. By the way, to my photographer friends. When discussing price to let them use the old Chevy image, I asked them for their budget. They gave me a figure that they had for the total of four images for the cover. I said I could live with 1/4 of that for the price and agreed to sell for that. The wonderful woman wrote back and said "We will give you more than that, since we made a good deal on the other three." Wow, that hasn't happened to me in quite awhile indeed!!