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$100 Well Spent!

The best $100 I have ever spent!


I was shooting in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil and decided to get a helicopter to circle the Christ statue over the city. There were three other people, my assistant Luke Potter and me and we each paid $100 (I paid for Luke's ride also) for the circle ride. I slid aside the small window on my side, so I could shoot without glass, and I shot this image among others from above the clouds.


Well, it is one of my top ten selling stock images to this day. That $200 (including Luke) has made me over $150,000 in stock residuals from this image. That is not a bad hourly rate -- or return on investment -- for sure! Sometimes in stock you strike out on an image, sometimes you hit "singles", etc. Well, I would say this short helicopter ride was a Home Run indeed.


It has sold in so many cruise & travel brochures and websites when they travel to South America. My stock reps from around the world show & sell this image very, very well. And I do like the image also, whether it made money or not. 

So, enjoy the image of Rio from above today. Happy Monday.