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Bridges of Madison County

A romantic photo today.


Many of you read "The Bridges of Madison County" years ago.... the story of fictional National Geographic photographer Robert Kincaid who seduced a housewife named Francesca in farm area of Iowa. A beautiful story.


I have photographed these bridges in Iowa on two trips to the Roseman Bridge where Robert photographed Francesca from just about where I am standing. On one trip, I brought an old girlfriend (that we still had feelings for each other) so I could have some of those feelings of the book, rather than just bringing any model to shoot.


Here is a photo from below the famous bridge from the second trip. Thought you all would enjoy seeing the location from the book and the movie. The town is Winterset, Iowa and many of the stores in the town have pictures of Clint Eastwood and Meryl Streep at the restaurants, etc while they were making the movie in the tiny town.