I take pictures. Nothing more. Nothing less. 

Keep Your Copyright Ownership at All Costs!

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Most of my travel imagery has the look of "National Geographic" style .... except I do it for tourism, or cruise, or airline, or travel clients. Nat Geo has bought my stock for their magazines over the years, but if you shoot for them directly they often own the material, and they also pay a lot less than any of my assignments. But I have always had that NG "eye" to capture the "feel" of the place rather than just a travel image. I grew up loving looking at NG as I formulated my style from a teenager on, I imagine. Definitely the iconic magazine to look at and learn about our world.


Here is an example of an image I shot in Yangshuo in Southern China. You really do get INTO this picture and can tell how this man works hard in the rice fields alongside his oxen. I would rather experience this closeup into this man's existence than just any old travel photo. I hope that you agree. Because I OWN my pictures rather then NG owning them, I can later send them to multiple stock agents for publishing all over the world. I like that process much better. Make sure you never give up your copyright (ownership) of your photography -- it is valuable!


Enjoy this picture. You can almost hear him work hard and smell the animal. That is a successful photo if it creates that feel!