I take pictures. Nothing more. Nothing less. 

Rule #1: Always Keep Your Cameras Warm

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Always keep your cameras WARM. Rule #1. Rule #2... Try to do the same with your own body!


A fantastic trip to Antarctica --- like no place else on Earth. I am doing a crazy dance in a tux (no, there is no PhotoShop done here) and I think I scared my penguins away. They seem startled! They probably said to each other: "What's wrong with this guy??"


My good friend Dennis Salvagio and I brought tuxes to the frozen continent and it was one of the coldest, craziest things we ever did. My cover photo has us holding a sign and the penguins came much closer. It was COLD with no jacket or long underwear, so we did freeze some on the land away from our Icebreaker Russian ship. Took awhile back after that afternoon in the bar with heat & a few drinks to warm up!


I am hoping to direct a small group at the end of 2016 down to explore the 7th Continent. Promises to be the trip of a lifetime for the ones that come with me. More information will be coming in 2016. For now, enjoy this crazy photographer "dressed to the nines" and, for sure, nowhere to go!