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Mongolian Cowboy

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Today I post a picture of a tough Mongolian cowboy. He was in the prairies of wide open expanses In Mongolia, and was not really wanting his picture taken. But I talked to him awhile, and then volunteered to shoot a photo of him with his grand daughter, and he gave his approval. After he saw the image in digital, he was more willing for me to take his photo by his ger home.


These cowboys are nomadic by nature and move to new locations for new sources of water & grazing for their animals. The gers are circular, made of canvas and constructed rather quickly wherever they want to relocate. I slept in one for a night (after a great horse ride across the prairie!) and it was a cold night. But I was still really warm with the pot stove in the middle of the ger, so they are insulated really well.


I plan on taking my BTO group across the Trans Siberian Railroad from Moscow & St Petersburg, thru lots of Siberia, on into Mongolia, and ending in Beijing, China. I will do that trip when I am sure that Putin is done with his crazy actions on the Ukraine. I will post it when I am ready to do that trip in the future. 


One thing I have learned in my travels is that people all over the world are really the same! Our customs are vastly different, but we want the same things in life. We all want good health, love, shelter, safety, enough to eat, and a better life for our children..... no matter where we are in the world. Rolexes don't really matter on this planet. I just wish our world leaders would realize how people's needs are much the same --- the governments and the religions often divide us in hatred unnecessarily.


This veteran cowboy is as proud of his ger as the richest person in Malibu is of his mansion. And that makes us all important and meaningful in our only planet we all share! And it is what often draws me to want to travel to the farthest corners of planet Earth.