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So You Want to Buy a Leather Purse?

Screen Shot 2015-07-21 at 10.29.32 AM


If you have been to Fez Morocco before, then you know the smell of this image! This is taken at the famous 1000 year old Chouara Tannery from above as these men wade -- often belt deep -- in these dyes that tan the colored leather for expensive products all over the world. 

The smell, believe it or not, comes from pigeon poop and other great things added to the colored dyes. It is so bad that many tourists get small amounts of mint and place it under their nose. The pictures you take from above are wonderful however, but I would sure not want to work there. The guide told us that the men that work in those vats live an average of only 40 years since they wade in these really polluted vats.

I love how they hop from vat to vat as they dye these big leather hides. So think of this image when you buy your next expensive leather purse or jacket!