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Sand Dunes By Camel In The Sahara Desert

Screen Shot 2015-07-27 at 2.38.56 PM



This is the third photo I have posted this week from my BTO Trip in November to exciting Morocco. This was our fabulous camel ride into the sunset of the Sahara Desert. I am taking this photo (while riding my camel) of many of my travelers also riding with their Morocco camel guide holding the reins while walking.

It was such a good ride. We rode along the many ridges & sand dunes for quite some time and then stopped on one ridge to enjoy the views .... and even rode down some dunes on cloth like kids snow sleighing. Everyone in my group enjoyed this evening ride immensely


Some of you may not know what BTO stands for, by the way. It is "Bachmann Tour Overdrive", a travel group I started where I direct a travel group twice a year to somewhere exotic on our planet. To go with us you need three characteristics... you need to love travel, adventure and taking travel pictures. I am proud of the places we have gone, and the friendships we have formed, over the years. We are going to Iceland still this year (totally full) and in 2016 we will go back to Cuba in Spring, later Northern Italy and, I hope, Antarctica at the end of 2016 (or start of 2017). Hope you can join us for an adventure!