I take pictures. Nothing more. Nothing less. 


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These photos of a wonderful giant elephant and a gentle lion resting are my “trophies”. I do not need to pretend I am a “macho” man hunter and kill these incredible animals and then have my photo taken with my gun standing proudly over their dead bodies. How can that take any real skill or make me more of a man? Some exclusive hunting clubs even give awards if you can take pictures to prove that you have 600 African animal kills! Can you imagine the selfishness & disregard for nature to have 600 hunting kills in Africa??

I have wrestled with this sick hunting practice in Africa by either rich men seeking to make themselves feel good, or natives there poaching to get tusks to sell. This must stop. Perhaps we as people who love photography can make a difference now. I have decided to act in a way that can perhaps help eliminate this killing. And I need each of you to help a little!

I want this message to go VIRAL …. So I NEED you to share this post with all your FB friends. The killing of Cecil in Africa has finally opened the eyes of many people in the world to the horrible practice of killing animals -- not for food, but for the simple ego stroking or sick joy in proving that you can shoot these precious animals. We owe this to our children, our grandchildren and their grandchildren to preserve these beautiful animals so they are still around for them to observe. 

I am busy in my career of assignments around the Earth and also leading photographers on trips around our planet to take pictures. Despite being so busy, I still must try to make a positive difference in helping this cause. So, starting today, I plan on using any influence I have in the photography industry to create a campaign using the phrase above to take photos in Africa and no bullets! 

I am communicating with our professional photo organization ASMP about creating a vehicle where I can work with them and, hopefully, receive the help of so many of my friends in the photo industry --- both professional and amateurs --- to make positive changes. I also plan on communicating with all my stock agencies around the world to help.

We have the right time in society right now, thanks to the new awareness after Cecil’s killing. I plan on having ASMP help me to also contact the camera companies --- ARE YOU LISTENING NIKONCANON‬‪‎SONY‬?? – to perhaps run ads in hunting magazines and to bring more awareness to stop this practice.


The time is right. Many of the airlines just announced that they will no longer allow flights of these trophy animals back to the USA for these ego-driven hunters to hang in their homes. That will help! I have been to Africa many times and have gone on more than 50 safaris. They are exciting and it is wonderful to photograph them from safari vehicles. Let’s have a campaign to do it only with cameras, so future generations can also enjoy seeing them!

I am not a hunter, but I have no problem with anyone hunting deer or quail, etc. for food and enjoyment. But how can anyone drive close to a tall gentle giraffe grazing on tree branches, and shoot it for a trophy for their ego? How does that take any skill??

As I said, please share this post and let’s allow this new phrase “Shoot Africa With Cameras – Not Guns” go viral. I will contact ASMP, stock agents, and soon the camera companies.

I am hoping that Bob KristJack Reznicki, Jay Maisel, Bryan Peterson, Joe McNally, Peter Langone, Eric Meola,  Lewis Kemper, Art Wolfe,  Frank RoccoAdam Jones, Douglas Kirkland and other of my professional photographer peers in our photo world will contact me so we can all help make this all happen.

Also, any of you that are amateurs, love photography, and are concerned, please let me know via email. I am hoping that this can really make a difference --- and that is what each of us should seek to do in our lives. Let's make an impact!