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I am in Iceland, where I am directing my 21st BTO Trip. We are circling Iceland and all it's beauty. I will not show any Icelandic pictures until I get home.

But today we stopped in Eastern Iceland at a gas station & market. Terre Arrigoni (if you traveled with BTO you know her -- this is her 10th trip with me) saw a magazine on Cuba and was buying it at the register. I saw it and said to her -- "That is my cover shot. " Sure enough, my credit line was in front from one of my stock agents. It is always fun to see my images on planes, TV, brochures & international magazines while I travel.

Those of you that have gone to Cuba with me, know this location. I even rented this '59 Chevy for one whole group to each photograph this colorful scene when I also shot this image. I used one of me in this auto for my Christmas Card that year.

So enjoy an English magazine cover of mine from a store in Iceland of a photo of Cuba! I have 3 spots left for Cuba in March/April 2016 so come with us if you want to experience wonderful & colorful Cuba!