I take pictures. Nothing more. Nothing less. 

Gentle Soul

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Another wonderful face that I met in a foreign country because I had a camera in my hand. I saw this wonderful older man in Guatemala and really loved his full of character face --- the lines and weathered look are a result of many years of hard work in the fields. But again, how could I --or any of you --- meet and talk to him easily without a camera?

Because I had a camera, I slowly walked up and he understood that I wanted to meet him and photograph him. My Spanish is limited, but we understood each other as we talked and shot pictures. As I showed him the images in the back of my camera, he warmed up more and more to me.

I can tell all of you that if you approach local people in ANY country, chances are very good you can communicate with your camera. It works most of the time, but there is one other very important part. Don't forget to approach gently and with a smile. A smile is understood in any language! And your camera will make it so much easier to break down any barriers.

My hope for all of you is to enjoy this wonderful planet with your camera. Your camera will "break the ice" to approach a stranger, and you will communicate and learn so much about people and other cultures. Happy shooting!