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Think Outside the Box

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You may well enjoy this story. A panoramic image that I created several years ago in our studio of 5 continents of my pictures. One day I decided to make these collages for possible international clients to use for any of their "world-wide" advertising campaigns. I simply took images of photos of my travel "icon" sites -- in England, Greece, France, India, Australia, USA and Egypt -- and turned them into silhouettes against a bright sky. I also did it with a deep blue sky and even added another version of a large sunset behind, and then created a whole separate series of just USA Attractions -- St Louis Arch, Statue of Liberty, Seattle Space Needle, Golden Gate Bridge, etc. Then I, as always, send them out to my many stock agencies for them to market for stock sales. My job; create the images. Their job: find the markets for the images. 


This series of creations have done quite well. AT&T bought this particular one a couple of years ago for quite a large 5-figure sale for their International Calling campaign that ran in a full page ad in USA Today for several months -- well worth all my efforts, just in that one sale. And I like the way it symbolizes our planet as a feel of Earth's major travel sites. As soon as a viewer looks at this bright color image in an ad, it registers a WORLD WIDE feel without copy to say that, whatever the advertiser is marketing.


This can be a tip for other photographers --- think ahead and think "out of the box" with your images to have them published. It is indeed fun -- not to mention quite lucrative -- to see your images used and published creatively from ideas that you had in your head originally. I spend a lot of time in my life now trying to help others think of ways to make their photography more creative and more able to be published. It brings me great joy to hear of others having some success stories from perhaps a spark that I instilled in them in a lecture, or one of my books, or even a Facebook post. Our individual responsibility in life is to "pass it on" somewhat, and I hope that I can do that from time to time. I take that responsibility quite seriously now in my daily life.


Keep shooting creatively!