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Shoot and Make Mistakes

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I have not thought or looked at theses two images in years & years. They are from my early portfolios, when I was a young photographer showing my portfolios and looking for assignments. I think many people think that professional photographers started out with perfect portfolios & pictures and that is far from the truth. I, and all my peers, made many mistakes! Here is an early slip-up.. I'll tell you the mistake a little lower in this post.


I took these images of a girlfriend, out in the woods "picking flowers". At that time I used a filter and smeared a very thin coat of vasoline circularly around the filter (not the lens!) to give it that dreamy, soft look. Perhaps I went a little overboard, I may add looking back!


I showed these two images for several years in my big tear-sheet portfolios to possible fashion clients .... surprisingly I even received a lot of assignments from those primitive leather portfolios. Go figure!! But they are really not very good as I look at them now. So I guess what I want to say is that ALL of us started somewhere roughly and -- hopefully -- got better!


The biggest mistake on these pictures very few people even noticed, but I cringe now at my stupidity. I have my lovely. sensuous lady out in the woods picking flowers --- well, where does she find sprayed red carnations in the woods?? I also used daisies for props on that shoot, but I should never have used those red carnations. Daisies do grow wild, not red carnations. I know I used the red flowers because of her red ribbon in her hat, but I wasn't real aware of mistakes then. Perhaps Brooke's beauty had me not thinking clearly -- very possible indeed!


The moral of this whole post for everyone -- go out and shoot, go out and be creative! You will make mistakes, but we all did. The secret is to get better and develop your own style -- then perhaps you can do this career and have a heck of a lot of fun in the process! Get out there & shoot....