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Welcome Back Berlin

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Today is an important anniversary in Europe. November 9, 1989 the Berlin Wall came down. And it was special to me.


I was in England then, converting 6000 copies of a VHS movie I had directed & produced in the USA. I went to England to covert to PAL versions that would sell in Europe to play in their TVs. It was cheaper to go to Europe to have those copies made from the USA NTSC version than it was to do it in the USA, and have them later shipped to Europe. And I was almost finished with the many copies at a recording studio in London. 


When I heard the Wall was coming down that week, I had to fly over and join in the celebration. I had been shot at (with guns) years before as a grad student in East Berlin near the Wall. I must have been photographing (back then) near some black market "deal" somewhere and they chased me while shooting. I dashed into a Youth Hostel for safety and never did find out why I was a target. But that was another story. Needless to say, I was rather scared at the time!


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So I came back to the Wall and celebrated in 1989. I watched as many East & West German citizens chipped away -- like this man did --- as the world watched with joy. I even chipped pieces off the Wall myself (and it was tough to do) for my family members. I also made the words FREE out of a menu and stood with some German students, spelling out what was on all of our minds. That picture is also here, along with the man chipping at the Wall. 


Later, when I got home, I wrote a magazine story called "Welcome Back Berlin". I converted all the images to B&W and it was well received. I seemed to have had more time back then to write many magazine stories in the 80's & 90's. Where did the time go in my days?


So, enjoy this special day in history today.

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