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Standing on a Cliff

Screen Shot 2015-11-17 at 12.15.58 PM


Trying to get my mind past the Paris tragedy. I have had four great trips in September, October & so far in November this year. One was with my BTO Group Adventure to Iceland and I have shown several of those previously -- especially the wonderful Northern Lights we all witnessed. Then I have had three separate long flights to shoots in Tokyo, then back in Asia again to Hong Kong and am now in Buenos Aires. I hope all of you will continue to travel this planet even with the scares from ISIS, etc. I also hope the things I mentioned in my last post about taking radical Islam much more seriously and vetting Muslims coming into the USA get started in our government and in the rest of the world.


But back to my trips: Here is another grand waterfall image from our circling the wonderful country of Iceland. The two people on the cliff --- I was glad one wore red! -- give a perspective of size of these falls. I always try to do that in my shots when possible to show size comparisons. Hope you like this Iceland image.


So now from far away in Buenos Aires, I send warmth to all of you. I have been shooting the sexy Tango dancers and also Gaucho cowboys in this exciting area. And the food has been some of the best ever -- Argentina steaks that you can cut with a fork! Enjoy...