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Behind The Scenes

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Behind The Scenes: Here is a campaign I shot a while ago for a small hospital in Savannah. Models were all selected from Atlanta and we shot for two days in Savannah with 4 Generations of women -- no men! As always they were "pretend family" -- not really related. I sure learned so much just listening to women talk for two days with no male models. It was like The View -- all talking at once. How do you women do that?


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The "educational" part of why I am sharing this is the stock photography value! Three & four generations of family as model-released lifestyle images are very valuable. The ad shot of the four women cuddling is not the biggest seller --- best stock image is the women on the porch with iced tea talking. Does that not say "Southern Living" -- on the porch sharing time with iced tea? It outsells all the other images. The client usually gets a time period to use the images (in this case 6 months) and then I send it out for stock. Almost always makes more money on the back end of assignments then the actual fee for the shooting. That is what is nice about stock photography.


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Then, of course, there is the traditional crew shot we usually take at the end of shoot.... with my assistant Alan, the make-up artist, stylist, art director, models, etc acting weird. We do have fun in this business.