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  • Western Australia -- The Frontier

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                                                     The spectacular city of Perth. All the way west in Australia and one of the most isolated big cities in the world.


    My latest trip to Australia was my 8th visit there. I simply love the country and the people Down Under and could easily live there. So far from home, but so very comfortable.

    This last visit was indeed special to me. I usually go all along the fabulous East Coast, from Cairns in the North (with the Great Barrier Reef) all the way down the entire east coast to Brisbane, and Sydney, continuing on to Melbourne and even as far south as Adelaide. I have great friends in all of those places and relish the time I spend there. I usually give a lecture or two and often shoot assignments along the way somewhere.

    I have also explored the real Outback in the middle of the country several times in Darwin, Ayer’s Rock, the town called Alice and the other treats in the middle of nowhere. And it really is nowhere!

    On this eighth trip, I decided to also go out to the far West, to what I thought was the frontier in the state of Western Australia. I had only spent one day out West once and it was mostly to change planes in Perth so I really did not explore then.

    The main city out in the state of Western Australia is Perth. It dominates the culture and city life in all of Western Australia as no other cities of any size are in the entire state or region. It is a really dynamic city, full of art and culture. This surprised me greatly as I envisioned it being a real rough frontier town.


          Bell Towers "sail boat" modern building.                                           Mixing the old with the new in Perth -- the famous Miss Maud Swedish Hotel landmark.


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                                                     The beaches of Western Australia are wonderful and perfect for one of Australia's favorite activities -- surfing. 


    Instead, it is a city of 1.9 million people, very modern and exciting. The prosperity of Perth carries the entire state as workers fill the hotels every other week and then go off to work a full week in the mining industries. Perth is a major export city in all of Australia – and the Pacific Rim – for gold, iron ore, alumina, diamonds, coal, oil and natural gas. Wages are high indeed as the world desperately needs these resources and pays top dollar for them.

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                                                               Driving around Western Australia is very similar to the famous Outback -- lonely and deserted. 

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                                                           When driving in the Outback of WA you must be careful of the strange Australian wildlife near the roads!


    I explored both North and South of Perth for four days each way. I traveled many rural areas that reminded me so much of the lonely Outback in the middle of this fun country. I visited wineries, famous beaches, storybook small coastal villages, great surfing beaches, and mysterious places.


                                         Australian wines are distributed all over the world. Capel Vale Winery in Bunbury was a wonderful afternoon of relaxation. 


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                                                                                                    The famous rock formations called "The Pinnacles". 


    One of the more famous mystery places is called The Pinnacles, a remote moon-like rock formation far north of Perth. It looks like the badlands or even more like the moon surface. I was able to drive a four-wheeler around these miles of strange rocks to take photos of the formations. A fun day indeed.

    I hope this blog has inspired you to visit the Land Down Under and love it as I do. You will feel totally comfortable with the Aussie way of life – active, sporty, genuine and fun. Make sure you allow some time to travel all the way West in the far away Western Australia country. You will not be sorry.

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                                                                               Are you on the Moon? Or at The Pinnacles?