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  • A Last Great Opportunity To Visit All Over Cuba In 2014


    Wonderful images in Trinidad, Cuba. Trinidad is an old 16th Century cobblestoned village. Perfect setting for the old Classic automobiles. 


    I have directed 7 Humanitarian Trips legally to Cuba in the last years. I will be directing my 8th, and last, trip this coming year on April 22nd thru May 6th, 2014. This could well be your last opportunity to see Cuba as it has existed since the early 1960’s with the old US automobiles, fading beautiful buildings, Cuban cigars, mojitos and wonderful people.

    We are totally legal as we fly directly from Florida to/from Havana for two wonderful and enlightening weeks. I have a special Humanitarian Visa for all of us and we will bring vitamins and aspirins, etc to give to the small town clinics and locals to help them, since they really have no access to these because of the Embargo and the Soviet Union collapsing. They are so appreciative to us as we stop and visit these clinics along the way around Cuba.

    There are some other organizations that do go to Cuba, but I can guarantee you they are over one thousand dollars more expensive then our trip and that is only for 8-9 days -- while ours is for 14 days. I don't do this for my livelihood so I do not make the money these other agencies do, so their trips are much more expensive. You get much more for the money, and a longer & more interesting trip, by traveling with our group.

    We visit and spend a lot of time in these places --Havana, Pinar del Rio, Cienfuegos, Trinidad, Mantanzas and Cardenas and then back to Havana. We stop in schools, tobacco fields, museums, a cigar factory, a youth boxing arena and many other opportunities. We really get to see ALL of Cuba while we are still helping the people of Cuba with the supplies we bring.  The link to the itinerary below will show all the places we go and the things we see.

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     We will meet such interesting people along the way.

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    We will stop at schools to meet the charismatic children.... here with a Castro wall mural.


    I love these images of a farmer in the field and an older woman with a cigar. Everywhere you look in Cuba is unlike the USA.

    I can’t say enough about Cuba and the local people. I have traveled in over 170 countries on all 7 continents and you would think I would be bored going back to the same country each year. But I sure haven’t been bored. Each of my 7 other visits I have fallen in love with the people and the places. The pace, the energy, the music, the drinks, the food, the old cars and the beautiful majestic buildings -- suggesting a time long ago -- all speak to us as travelers. Travel to Cuba has been banned for all Americans for over 50 years and only now is it opening for a small amount of special interest groups to have the opportunity to go the 90 miles from Miami to Havana. Most of the time in my travels, I have to fly for 20 plus hours – and suffer through the jet lag!—to find a place this forbidden, hidden, and spectacular. This trip is less than a one hour flight from Florida and NO JET LAG!

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    Three of my beautiful women who traveled on one trip with me to Cuba take a break in Havana to relax. 

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     I love the local flavor everywhere in Cuba.

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    If you like old cars, Cuba is the place to be.

    Cuba will open soon to the USA and I will not want to return. I know for sure all the old US cars will be gone to investors in Miami who will sell them for a huge profit. McDonalds, Pizza Hut, WalMarts, KFC etc will be everywhere (think of San Juan, Puerto Rico). Along with that many of the old wonderful buildings will be torn down in the name of progress, replaced by Marriotts, Hiltons, and the many US businesses that want to come and get market share immediately.

    I am stopping after this 2014 trip for two reasons. I have a travel group that I take 2 places on Earth each year and they all have been to Cuba with me once or twice, and they now want to go other places. Also, with more companies like National Geographic bringing groups every week (costing $1000 more than our trip for 6 less days!), it has become harder & harder to get the hotels and the guides we want, etc. So this will be my last trip to Cuba.

    Take a look at our exciting itinerary:   www.billbachmann.com/cubamission

    At this link you will find the information you will need to make a decision. This should fill up rather quickly, so I hope that you can decide and send in your paperwork. There is a 2013 registration form (my Dreamweaver is acting up, so I can not change the dates to 2014) that you can print and send in to me. You will also see the schedule, the exact dates and the price. If you know me, the trip will be special indeed.

    The best part is that you are also bringing medical items to people who desperately need them to survive. They can NOT get vitamins, even if they had the money. You will feel so good in helping local Cubans in addition to seeing places all over this wonderful country. You will not return the same person, I promise.

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     Giving a simple bottle of Aspirin to a local brings smiles and often big hugs. They are so appreciative. 


    We will visit real Cuban tobacco fields. And later you'll see so many characters with cigars.

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    I like the contrast between this old Ford Edsel and the horse-drawn carriages going by.


    Let me know via email if you are interested in coming with us. I know this trip will be terrific and I hope to include many of you. I can not recommend a trip any more than this one for anyone that wants to see Cuba before it changes overnight and becomes Americanized.  Now is the time to go and see it for sure!!



    A young boxer practices in a local gym. One of many cowboys we see along the way. 


    Black & White images of a Santeria religious voodoo woman and also a hard-working sugar cane farmer. 


    We get dancers to pose for us. I love this old man who sells donkey rides for 50 cents. 


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