• Stock Sales Tip #3


    Back to photographic images of mine that have been big dollar stock sales .... and more importantly, why they have sold so that this can help other people be published more.

    This "perfect" beach shot has made well over $100,000 in sales for me over the last 10 years. It just seems like the perfect beach. I brought the chairs & umbrella on the plane to Cancun, Mexico to use in this and other shots.

    I also shot a really good looking couple in the chairs relaxing .... but this one has outsold the couple one by over 20 times the amount. WHY? Well, I do not know this for a fact, but I'll bet it is because the chairs are READY for someone in Omaha, Nebraska in winter. I can see a couple SEEING THEMSELVES in these chairs and wanting to get there quick! "Pack the suitcase, honey, we're going there!"

    With the other couple in "their" chairs, it somehow looks crowded!

    This has sold all over the world for many many calenders, greeting cards, mouse pads, magazine Caribbean stories, even several times for auto dashboard sun reflectors, etc etc. Fun when one click of the shutter gets published so often for so many usages.

  • Stock Sales Tip #2

    In my last post I said I would show images that have sold for large amounts of money and try to explain why so that others can learn from the knowledge and also see the distinct possibilities of their own stock sales.

    This panoramic of the Portland Headlight in Maine is one of my all time favorite places and images. It has just recently passed $150,000 in earnings from my various stock agency sales over the years. That means, of course, that sales have been over $300,000 gross, as I receive roughly 50% of the sale. Not my highest seller, but a good one indeed.


    What has it sold for? Travel, you may say. Actually, no. It has an amazing salability in the financial markets. Lighthouses say "steady" "reliable" "strength" and "safety".... so it has been on covers and full pages in many financial publications and TV. But, believe it or not, it sells more often in my sales reports for banks. How? Well, you may have used it. They tone it down to about 15% and it is behind the checks that you write on top of this image. I have seen literally hundreds of bank sales for checks from all over the world on my sales reports! Cool huh?

    Photographically I was ready to start taking panoramics of this scene in the blue skies. But I saw storm clouds forming far away and I just waited until they got to me and then I really started shooting. Photography is all about waiting! I have this image blown up 6-feet long in my house and I can smell the ocean in it. Nice that it also has made a lot of sales thru my agents.

    I will keep letting you know of big sellers and why they have sold, so check in from time to time.

  • Stock Sales Tip #1

    Since I lecture all over our Planet on successfully selling your own stock images, I thought I would start from time to time showing some recent top-selling images and what they sold for to my clients. I hope this can help you all to not only see what sells, but also the POSSIBILITIES you can have in stock photography sales.


    The first example sold recently for $12,000 for usage all over Korea. This woman in a straw hat in Vietnam Mekong Delta flower market sold for unlimited usage for one year in Korea for, believe it or not, the pharmaceutical industry. Go figure on this one! It is a clean, colorful model-released (although maybe not needed here) image, but I would never guess it would sell for drugs advertising. But the check cleared!