• Stock Tip #4

    Picture 1

    Just thought you would like this stock picture story. I recently sold this Kenya image for a two-page spread and it was a nice sale price. Will be used in Travel Brochures for a big company for quite a while in their brochures.

    I learned a long time ago in my career that if you leave a lot of "negative space" in your images, the pictures are used much larger in magazines & brochures. (and I tend to like them more anyway as they really show the "space" the person lives in). That tree in this image is almost as important as she is to show her world. She was selling jewelry, but I had her stand up and look in the distance giving breathing space to the image. No filters, no special effects. I still shoot a lot like I did with slide film. My old editorial past stays with me.

    Notice I did not have her looking at the camera. When I do a tight portrait, I do want to see the eyes directly into the camera. But then it becomes a "portrait"... here I wanted her to be in her environment. So I think it is a more powerful image with her looking away as a strong woman in this rough terrain. 

    If you are in tight on the model (which I also do when shooting) it becomes only a 1/4 page pic. Also if you leave space, it can be used for advertising as there is room for their important copy in the ad.

    If you leave room at the top of verticals, it often can be used as a magazine cover. I shot some verticals of her with space also. Just some little hints when you are shooting.

    May the light be with you.