I take pictures. Nothing more. Nothing less. 

Cars of the 50's

I've been to Cuba on 8 trips and love it so much! I'll be taking another group in Spring of 2016, so if you're interested in coming with us, let me know. The information for the trip will be on my website in the late Summer or Fall.

I shot these wonderful fins of this classic Caddy on the famous Varadero Beach on the North Shore of Cuba. This image has sold several times for Cuban magazine stories.

We got a surprise and it just sold as a cover for a calendar of Cars of the 50's. I'll tell you, the place to photograph 1950's cars is definitely Cuba!

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Orlando: The City Beautiful

Found this image last night in my computer. It is former Orlando Mayor Glenda Hood and me at our book signing of the book we did together of our city. The book was called "Orlando: The City Beautiful".

It was a book that both of us were proud doing together. This was at one of our book signings that we did together when the book first came out. I believe this one was at the Chamber of Commerce building downtown. It was a large coffee table book showing how beautiful our city was and still is. And I did enjoy working with Glenda on it. 

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No WiFi!

A reminder to get off your computer or your cell phone and go out to see & feel our Planet! Get away from the TV and the computer. 

So many people watch various weird "Reality TV" shows where they sit and observe someone ELSE live thier life! Reality is -- Go out & live YOUR life! I try to live my life rather than be a watcher of other people living theirs! So get out and see our world away from "gadgets" ... talk, smell, listen, taste and enjoy the opportunities you can make with your free time -- we are only here on this Earth once!


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My Hometown

Another picture I did not have time to show to the group in the slideshow. Here is a twilight "Blue Hour" picture of my wonderful hometown of Pittsburgh, PA. Unless you have visited Pittsburgh, you may not know it is one of the most beautiful skylines and cityscapes anywhere in the world. Called "The City of Bridges," the downtown city sits on the Golden Triangle where the Three Rivers meet at the point. As a teenager, I used to water ski around that point where the fountain is now.

A very wonderful cultural city, fabulous sports town (Go Steelers & Pirates!), and some of the most friendly people you will ever meet. I would live there again if the weather were better -- unfortunately, Florida has spoiled me in good weather.

This was shot from Mt Washington, where I went up the incline to take photos. Enjoy my city!

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Perhaps a Little Bit of Photo Equipment!


When I first moved to Orlando, we sent this image out on a postcard to clients around the USA to have them still hire us from our new base in Orlando. I had left a lot of fashion clients behind in Miami, and we wanted to let all clients know we were pretty competent even though we had moved to the "smaller" city of Orlando.

The card read: "How can he be any good when he's not based in New York City??" 

So my assistant, Joe Rotruck, and I spent hours arranging and then we stood with all the GEAR! Pretty impressive at the time -- heck, it still looks like we know what we're doing!

It worked. We kept a lot of my old clients and got new ones -- just meant more flights to places as the market was never big here in Orlando. But I love living here so it is still worth it indeed. We carry less now, by the way! This was crazy with all the various cameras in various formats and all the lights and so many lenses!


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"Come Visit Our Planet"

Today is the day for this new lecture, "Come Visit Our Planet" I have spent 5 weeks going over all my 35,000 best digital travel images to pick the VERY best 250 for a colorful and creative look at all 7 continents. I even left the hospital yesterday to delay small procedure until Tuesday, so I could give this lecture. Anyone in Orlando, I hope you can come and support me on this. Free Admission -- tell them you are my guest at the door if they ask for money, which they shouldn't. 


Downtown Orlando, 99 E Marks Street 32803 Marks Senior Center. A large pink building on the corner of Marks & Magnolia Streets. 


Hope to see you there. You will not be disappointed. I am more excited about this show than any of the hundreds of lectures I have ever given anywhere around the world. Cheers!


P.S. The only picture I didn't whoot was the one below, obviously!