abilltanportThroughout his career Bill has inspired and enlightened literally millions of people internationally through his seminars, lectures, television talk shows, conferences, commercial assignments, radio shows, numerous magazine articles, and his own 15 published books.  He has traveled on location to over 200 countries on all seven continents, worked with five US Presidents and photographed over 1500 magazine covers. He has completed countless assignments where he directed crews of models, assistants, art directors, clients and make-up artists to photograph major, well-known advertising campaigns.  Nationally-acclaimed as a "people" shooter, his clients include many of the world’s major advertising agencies, travel companies, cruise ships, magazines, airlines, and Fortune 500 companies.

A native of Pittsburgh, Bill started his photography studies in New York and then London, England before embarking on his free-lance career. He has the experience, AND PERSEVERANCE, to come back with outstanding photographs under the best, or worst, of conditions. Always with a smile!

Renowned as one of the top-five stock photographers in the entire world, he continues to prolifically produce salable stock images regularly.  With his prestigious array of worldwide stock agencies diligently representing his work, his images are published weekly in most of the developed countries on our planet. His stock file contains business, minorities, lifestyle, world travel, medical, Caribbean, abstracts, beaches, sports, and many other subjects. With over 800,000 images in his collection, he has more pictures than many medium-sized stock agencies. His studio manager, Michele René, in Orlando, Florida searches the files for any request. Michele can send slides, CDs, or digital images quickly, or can create a custom light-box to meet the most stringent digital deadlines. If you call the studio, you will first probably talk with Michele.

Bill has had his work published in most of the major magazines in the US and the world. A partial list of these magazines include: National Geographic, Travel & Leisure, People, Conde Nast, Newsweek, Time, Sports Illustrated, Cosmopolitan, Shutterbug, NewYorker, Architectural Digest, Smithsonian, Stern, Atlanta, Carribbean Travel & Life, Photo Pro, Life, American Photo, Los Angeles, Professional Photographer, Outdoor Photographer, Vogue, SPA, Private Clubs, and Popular Photography.

Bill is equally comfortable in the USA or abroad doing smaller, quicker assignments. His enthusiasm and likable personality are a real bonus on any assignment, from a celebrity shoot to an annual report with the CEO of a company.

Bill is the author of fifteen books. His three newest books are called " Remember The Joy" -- "Images of Woman" and "Send Me Anywhere." The book "Remember The Joy" will help ALL photographers be more successful and be published more.  The other two new books are wonderful graphic photography books. Twelve more books are also available. For more information, or to order these books, visit the "Books" slide from the main menu.

Bill completed the most extensive photographic assignment EVER attempted. This 295-day, 72 country shoot took him 214,000 miles (more than 8 times around the world) to photograph all the major monuments and people on earth. Kodak sponsored this grand venture as Bill escapaded the globe.  Marriott & Hilton also sponsored this lengthy endeavor by providing all the hotel accomodations and setting up TV & magazine articles in many of the countries. He overcame many obstacles traveling those two years for Kodak ... from a ruptured appendix in Singapore (his doctor spoke only three words of English, "I cut you!"), earthquakes in Egypt, a plane crashing in Amsterdam, food-poisoning in India, his plane going off the runway into the water in Hong Kong, bombings close-by in England and Spain, just to name a few. Yet somehow he returned from these trips with outstanding images. Photographs of these monuments and people are available now in Bill's stock files.

Bill has received many Gold Awards and Addys for his advertising work. He also was named the Advertising Photographer of the Year in the People's Choice Awards, named to Marquis Who's Who In The World, and even voted Photographer of the Year in Asia. Yet, despite all these major awards, Bill seems most comfortable thinking about his BEST assignment .. the NEXT one!

Spend several minutes with Bill Bachmann and you will become aware of his enthusiasm and energy. A rare personality, Bill will bring much to your project.

    Bob Schlussler, Public Relations


We look forward to our next project, whether big or small. We can make your job easier by doing all the planning... we can scout locations, cast models, do all the travel arrangements, plan make-up, stylists, etc, for a big project.  Our clients appreciate the fact that we can shoot both stills and television-quality HD digital video using the same models to save time and money.  Or for smaller jobs, we promise to show up and give you a GREAT attitude in addition to GREAT photos.

Our philosophy is simple... "Let's work together and create colorful, graphic, exciting pictures!"

FLORIDA & THE EARTH is our slogan... what does it mean??  We shoot anywhere on Earth, but, since Florida is our home state, we charge NO travel expenses  (no hotel, food, gas, etc.)  for me or my assistant to work anywhere in Florida. That makes us a "local" anywhere in the state. Our ad agencies love this because expenses can add up on shoots.

I hope that we can load our cameras for you!




Bill's travel group is called BACHMANN TOUR OVERDRIVE and he takes groups of people interested in photography, travel & adventure. For more information about the group and trips, Click Here.

Bill will be directing the trips below.

Ireland & Northern Ireland July 9 - 24th, 2017 
---- This is a great opportunity to circle the green countries of Ireland & Northern Ireland for 2 fabulous weeks. We arrive & finally depart 2 weeks later from the capital city of Dublin. We will board a luxury bus and slowly traverse both countries. Along the way we will shoot numerous castles, tiny quaint villages, taste the beers & foods in so many tiny Irish pubs and, basically, explore the towns & daily life of our Irish roots. We will stop and meet people everywhere, from lonely farmers to village residents. This will be a first-hand photo experience as we capture the green mountains, exotic castles and friendly residents as we have much free time to wander & photograph everything we see. For more infomation and to register Click Here

Cuba 2017 ----  April 18, 2017 - May 2, 2017. We have a 15-day mission to Cuba in the Spring of 2017. The demand for Cuba trips is skyrocketing because everyone now wants to see Cuba before it changes and becomes "Americanized". We have the most extensive trip available at a price far less than others are charging. Bill has led 9 trips to Cuba and knows it well. He will show you parts of Cuba and set up photographs you will get nowhere else. For more information Click Here

Antarctica, South Georgia & The Falklands Feb 21 - March 16, 2017 ---- There are just a few spots left in the most exciting voyage that BTO has ever done. We are flying to Buenos Aires, Argentina for several days and then on to Ushuaia -- the southernmost city in the world. Then we board a ship for the most fantastic trip anyone will ever take. We will spend time with penguins, whales, seals, icebergs and everything else Antarctica has to offer. But after that, we travel to the best place to see thousands of King Penguins -- South Georgia. Words can not describe what it feels like to walk amidst of a group of thousands of 3 foot high King Penguins!! After several days, we then travel to The Falklands for more penguins and history. After several days there we cruise up to the beautiful capital of Montevideo, Uruguay. We then fly home from Montevideo. Bill has found a great company that has a super price, and you can get 10% off if paid in full one year before the date of travel. You must act fast to get this special price and the few remaining spots. 2 Spots Left. For more information Click Here.  

Northern Italy July 7 - 21, 2016 ----  We will travel to the most exciting & beautiful areas of Italy: Tuscany, Cinque Terre, Lake Como, Florence, the Dolomites mountains, Milan & VeniceCLICK HERE for details.

Cuba 2016 ---- March 29th - April 12th, 2016. We have a 15-day mission to Cuba in the Spring of 2016. Email the studio for more information if you are interested.
Click Here

Iceland September of 2015 ---- This will be probably the most beautifully scenic trip that BTO has ever done. Everywhere we look in Iceland is unique & picturesque.  We will drive the Ring Road circling this fantastic country of "Fire & Ice". We will stay in many villages and explore the icebergs, green fields, and the geothermal energy of Iceland's many geysers.  The small country of Iceland has many looks --- part of it looks like Alaska, part of it would pass for Ireland and also much of it looks like the geysers of the Western USA.  It will be an easy trip filled with fresh seafoods and wonderful warm people.   CLICK HERE  

Morocco & Spain November 3 - 20, 2014 ---- We have an exciting Photographic Caravan to Spain & Morocco. This trip will be co-lead by Harold Davis & Bill Bachmann. This is a spectacular voyage starting in Barcelona, Spain and continuing across the Rock of Gibraltar and all over the colorful cities & desert locations of Morocco. It will be a combination of fine-art photography and colorful travel imagery. For more information Click Here.

Cuba 2014 ---- April 23rd - May 7th, 2014   We have a 14-day mission to Cuba. Email the studio for more
information. Click Here

Greek Isles Odyssey Again September 6th-20th, 2013 --- Bill will be taking a group of photographers -- and people who love to travel -- on a grand adventure. We are traveling around the beautiful Greek Islands. We will photograph the colorful people, beautiful architecture and breathtaking scenery. Great hotels, food, and adventures lay ahead. For all details Click Here

Cuba 2013 ----We have a slightly different 14-day mission to Cuba from April 2nd - April 16th, 2012. Email the studio for more information. Click Here

Africa Safari June, 2012 ---- Bill will be taking a group of photographers -- and people who love to travel -- to a special safari in Kenya and Tanzania on June 15th - June 29th, 2012. We will shoot the large animals in Africa from jeeps on many, many safaris, in addition to visiting various areas & photograph Maasai tribes of the two countries. Deborah Sandidge, a talented instructor on, is my Co-Leader on this trip and will give several seminars along the way. Click Here

Cuba 2012 ----We have a slightly different 14-day mission to Cuba from March 30th - April 13th, 2012. Email the studio for more information. Deborah Sandidge, a talented instructor on, is my Co-Leader on this trip and will give several seminars along the way. Click Here

Peru, Ecuador & Galapagos Islands 2011 ---- The dates for the main trip are October 26th - November 8th, 2011. The Galapagos Islands extension will return on November 13th, 2011. We are planning two BTO trips in Fall of 2011. The China trip is above and we also are exploring South America. We will visit Lima. Cuzco & magnificent Machu Picchu in Peru and then fly to visit for several days in Quito, Ecuador. Deborah Sandidge, a talented instructor on, is my Co-Leader on this trip and will give several seminars along the way. There also will be a fabulous 5-day optional extension trip to the unbelievable Galapagos Islands. Click Here for all information on the trip.

China 2011 ---- September 26th - October 11th, 2011--- One of my two Fall 2011 trips will be an extensive journey through this mysterious region of Asia. Click Here to find out more about this 16-day trip we are directing throughout this exciting region for a low, all-inclusive price.  A group will be traveling with Bill on this tremendous opportunity to learn from him in 2011. If you are interested in this trip, send a deposit to hold your spot.

Cuba 2011 ----We have a slightly different 14-day mission to Cuba from March 27th - April 10th, 2011. Deborah Sandidge, a talented instructor on, is my Co-Leader on this trip and will give several seminars in Cuba. Email the studio for more information. Click Here

Vietnam, Cambodia, Laos, Malaysia & Singapore 2010 ---- From November 2nd -November 18th Click Here for more info.



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