Greece 2013

All photos © Bill Bachmann


Directed by Bill Bachmann

September 6th-20th, 2013


Bill Bachmann, internationally-acclaimed travel photographer, has traveled on assignment to over 170 countries on all seven continents. He has photographed over 1200 magazine covers, written fifteen books, and worked on many national and international advertising campaigns. His work is seen all over the world on TV, posters, brochures and in countless magazines.

After many requests from friends and other photographers, he has decided to share his visions and experience once a year in some magical part of the world. He truly enjoys sharing photography and travel with exciting, adventurous people, and looks forward to directing this wonderful trip to Greece & the Greek Islands in September of 2013. It will be a truly unique trip with plenty of time for exploring this exotic part of the world.

Bill has developed a trip for people who love to travel to explore -- with or without cameras -- many of the scenes of the colorful places and people of Greece & the Greek Islands. Bill thinks that the Greek Islands are the most photogenic & beautiful places he has ever shot. And this will NOT be a typical "tour"... the itinerary has been refined by Bill to include great places to visit and shoot pictures, with some instruction, and lots of free time to explore in small groups. You will travel with this group to his FAVORITE scenics to capture photographs - both professional and amateur - with impact. This will not be a boring "tour" that stops at every tourist shop!!!

Both the price and the itinerary are special... we will travel for a total of 15 days. We will explore small neighborhoods and photograph so many of these colorful people. Bill Bachmann will direct the trip, share secrets, and direct discussions. He will scout local models and have members of the group help each other with reflectors, as we all spend time creating pictures that will be the envy back home. You can ask questions, learn his methods of travel & marketing photos, and learn how to make money in stock photography. We will have some wonderful and plentiful meals together, discussing the travels and wonders of these fascinating destinations. Bill goes out of his way to develop a comfortable, friendly group that will become friends for life.

All of this is at a surprisingly low price that includes grand hotels, guides, ferries, some instruction with Bill, transfers, all breakfasts, all tours and tour transportation.

The trip will be on a first-come, first-serve basis, so read the itinerary, fill out the registration form, send in your deposit or email any questions to Bill Bachmann at his studio. This will be one of the most colorful places you've ever seen. You will not believe the colorful beauty of this wonderful part of the world.

This is an extremely exotic part of the world. We will be stopping in many markets & villages and taking time to photograph the people. We will not rush from hotel to hotel... this trip will be about staying several days at each place with lots of free time to explore. So look for costs and schedules below. Email any questions, print & fill out the registration form with a photocopy of your passport ( must not expire before April 21st, 2014 ), and make a deposit to hold your place!

There will be free time for you to explore alone or in small groups
in all the Greek Islands we visit . Everywhere you look is a postcard!
We will have so many meals overlooking absolutely fabulous scenery.
We spend two days in the less touristy
island of Paros.
Our hotel in Paros is right by the beautiful
harbor where fishermen & sponge
divers bring in their catch. Great photos!
Our group will get "hands-on" work with Bill as
we stroll thru villages. Here everyone loves
shooting a small child in a dress.
If you shoot any digital stills or video, the children.
will surround you to see themselves! The people
everywhere are as warm and curious as you are...




Trip to Greece & Greek Islands

September 6th-20th 2013

                   15-day Escorted Tour (included -- tours, hotels, ferries between islands, guides, photo instruction, etc.)


Day 1 - Sept 6th


Meet in Newark, NJ airport. Fly in the evening on United Airlines to Athens, Greece. If you want to fly on your own flight to Athens with Frequent Flyer miles or payment, just meet us on Day 2 at our hotel in Athens. Come to Greece several days before if you want. We will plan all of this extensively.


  Day 2 - Sept 7th


Arrive in Athens in the morning and escorted to our hotel. After cleaning up, unpacking & relaxing, in the afternoon we will tour the important sites in and around Athens in an A/C motorcoach. We will visit the famous Acropolis, the Parthenon, the Royal Palace, the old Olympic Stadium, and the Temple of Zeus. At the Royal Palace we will stay to watch the changing of the guards with their unique costumes & high kick marching. Relax after dinner at the hotel with our group get-together and off to bed early!


  Day 3 - Sept 8th


The whole day we will take A/C motorcoach and drive to/from Delphi. We will spend several hours at the world-famous Temple of Apollo in Delphi. This was once the center of the universe as Socrates, Aristotle, and Plato created modern thinking and philosophy. There is something magical about this place!

On the way to Delphi and back we will stop and photograph any interesting villages and people.


Day 4 to Day 6 - Sept 9- 11th

In the morning we start our relaxing excursions of the fabulous Greek Islands. We take a morning ferry to Mykonos, island of the rich & famous. We spend three wonderful nights at our hotel right on the beach... a perfect center to wander for great photographs. We are a short distance from everything important in the center city of Mykonos. We will shoot the upscale buildings & restaurants, the old windmills, the fishermen and everything else at various times of day as the light changes. We will rent mopeds, 4-wheelers and minivans for several days to travel all around the city & outside the main city to the farm areas.

Mykonos is the fall home of many celebrities. We will eat & drink at the same quaint restaurants, perhaps with them, after shooting our early sunset images. We will know all of the streets & paths of Mykonos when we leave.




Day 7 to Day 8 - Sept 12th- 13th


We leave Mykonos on a ferry for the smaller island of Paros. This island is less known, but equally beautiful. We will stay at a great, quaint hotel in one of the fishing villages. Again this hotel is a super location to have free time to photograph so much of the local color & action. Small fishing boats come in all day with colorful local workers, octopus, fishermen repairing their nets, etc.. This is a great island to relax and explore in small groups the narrow streets and people.

One of the two days we will rent mopeds, 4-wheelers and minivans to circle the entire island looking for images.



Day 9 to Day 13 - Sept 14th- 18th


Today is THE exciting day! In the morning we take a ferry to an island unlike any in the world! As we approach Santorini, a city on cliffs 4,000 feet high above the blue Mediterranean Sea, you will see beauty like you've never seen before.

We will arrive at our quaint hotel on the cliffs, perfectly located in the middle of everything. We will stay here for five relaxing and wonderful days and Bill will make you a promise here -- you will NEVER want to leave!! Bill has traveled to over 170 countries all over the world -- THIS is his favorite place. He has returned many times and loves it more than any other location on Earth.

We will rent mini-vans (all included) and explore villages on several days. We will travel from the northern lighthouse all the way to the beautiful village of Oia -- more beautiful sunsets there than any place on earth. Other days will be free time to go in groups or alone to experience and photograph all the wonderful views on this cliff city.

Our meals in the evening are anywhere you want! Every restaurant hangs on the cliff facing West for spectacular sunsets over the Mediterranean Sea. The most romantic spots on our planet.



Day 14 - Sept 19th


Sadly, we leave Santorini -- vowing to return. We make our way back to the capitol city, Athens. We arrive in Athens before our grand farewell dinner together. We spend the night in Athens.


  Day 15 - Sept 20th


After breakfast, we are escorted to the airport for our return United flight to the US. If you want, stay several days in Europe on your own and come back on your own flight. Customs in Newark and we will then separate to our various flights home - having experienced a trip of a lifetime, with images to prove it.



Included in the Price: All land transfers according to the itinerary in A/C motorcoach, excursions and entrance fees, some days mopeds or rental cars included, ferry rides, all 14 Breakfasts, 1 Farewell Dinner in Santorini, all hotels.
Not Included in the Price:

Most meals. International flight from Newark to Athens (or you can get your own flight to Europe). We will work on getting a less expensive group rate or the option of flying on your own or using Frequent Flyer.


15  DAYS TOTAL: Total Cost Approx. $3,985.00** per person. (**there may be a slight increase due to Euro/US $ rate fluctuation)
*** Single Supplement $895


***We will do all we can to "double up" to get you a roommate if you want to save on the
single room supplement. It usually works out evenly for those who want to share a room.


                                                                                                         A note from Bill Bachmann

Look at my web site to see some of my photography from all over the world. Even though I am very busy in my advertising and stock business, I do love to take interested, adventurous people on trips to share my love for this planet. I have been to the Greek Islands many times, and it is impossible to describe the beauty of this special place. I will also strive to have the group become close and caring, and I can promise you will love the interaction we will develop. My last groups each have their own web sites to share images, and we've had wonderful Reunions to share all of our photos... we have become friends for life! We have even published our own BTO book!You will love the people in my group.

This is on a first-come, first-serve basis, so call with questions, and get your form & deposit in. I want to keep the group intimate friends.

I can only say that I look forward to taking a group of people who love to travel on this wonderful trip. You will return with not only memories of a lifetime, but also fabulous pictures, more knowledge of travel photography, and more appreciation of our world. I can't wait to share this with you.

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