African Safari 2012


Directed by Bill Bachmann 

Co-Leader Deborah Sandidge

June 15th thru 29th, 2012

Kenya and Tanzania Safaris to photograph wild animals, local tribes and amazing adventures…


We are up close & personal with so many animals....
...and also in tribes at their villages!!

Bill Bachmann,
internationally-acclaimed travel photographer, has traveled on assignment to over 170 countries on all seven continents. He has photographed over 1200 magazine covers, written fifteen books, and worked on many national and international advertising campaigns. His work is published weekly in most of the developed countries of the world on TV, brochures, internet, billboards, and in countless magazines. In recent years he has directed trips to exotic places on our planet. The group is called Bachmann Tour Overdrive, and to join us you need to love only three things -- travel, photography & adventure!

Deborah Sandidge, award-winning photographer and instructor at, will be Co-Director of this adventure. She has Co-Directed other BTO adventures and will be giving several lectures along the way. In fact, I see a lecture in the jungle around a bonfire in our future! Deb has also authored Digital Infrared Photography by Wiley Publishing, which is considered one of the best IR books available. See the very bottom of this page for Deb's seminars along the way.

These two photographers, Deb & Bill, make a perfect match on these BTO adventures. Bill organizes all the specifics of the trip and directs all the activities along the way taking photographers to places he knows and loves. Deb has much time to help photographers in many one-on-one instruction situations. It really is a good fit of travel, adventure and learning.

These will be our 16th BTO Trip. And I have never used this expression before in all of our excursions, but I really feel this is a ONCE-IN-A-LIFETIME ADVENTURE! I have taken groups to the Great Wall of China and I guess that is something you should do in your lifetime. Also we have gone to the Taj Mahal and another trip to Australia, New Zealand and Papua New Guinea. All of those are exciting and wonderful, and something you should do in your life.

But this is a much more Hands-On Adventure as we see the VERY BEST OF AFRICA in so many safaris - getting up close and personal to so many wild animals in the absolute best jungle wildlife ranges in both Kenya and Tanzania. We also will visit several unique tribes to photograph the local tribal population, children, homes, etc.

We will explore many tribal villages of the world famous Masai tribes, and also the Mto wa Mbu tribe. We will explore their villages, take wonderful photos of the tribe people and learn so very much about their everyday life. But the GREATEST part will be the many half-day safaris all over both countries. We will be in 4 X 4s and/or vans that the roof comes up for photography. I have been in Kenya before when I had small packs of lions lazily come to rest in the shade of my van's shadow!!! My heart beat so much once in Tanzania as I witnessed a kill as lions caught and brought down a water buffalo. And the entire BTO Group witnessed a leopard tree an Impala. And we saw elephants and giraffes cross next to our vans. What pictures!

Africa is so unique and remarkable and everyone knows it. From our early childhood memories at the movies with Tarzan or the many films and National Geographic specials we have seen with the Big 5 and the great white hunter (which could be you) right from central casting. Africa is a very far distance from where we live both in miles and culture and most people only dream of actually being there and experiencing it firsthand.

I have been pricing this adventure for over three months and we are staying at fantastic lodges, camp sites, and hotels. I worked hard to get us the very best price.

You are getting an expensive trip (all of Eastern Africa is expensive) for over $2000 less than I have seen anything comparable. I received three other travel operator's quotes that were $8K to $10K. I think you will understand that Africa is somewhat costly, especially if you have an interest in getting up close to the Big 5 in the wild, armed with a camera instead of firearms, and experience Africa in camps like in days gone by. You can join BTO here knowing you'll have trophy photographs and memories to last a lifetime. We are there to see everything, take pictures of everything, and experience everything at a really terrific price.

We will be doing 17 half-day exciting game drives in Amboseli, the fabulous Serengeti, Ngorongoro Crater, and the ever famous Masai Mara; visits to the Masai villages to meet members of the tribes and learn about their unique pastoral culture; the views of Kilimanjaro at sunset; the optional opportunity to get a birdseye view of the ecosystem from a hot air balloon in the early morning over the Serengeti; accommodations in the Karen Blixen camp ("Out of Africa"); and a dinner at the fabulous Carnivore restaurant in Nairobi before returning to the U.S. I am including a relaxing free day in Nairobi at the end of the trip and almost no trip does that.

I have lectured all over the country this summer and many people are interested in this trip. We will switch vehicles each day, but they hold only 6 travelers with cameras. You will feel so close to the animals (you can often hear their breath), so close to the land, on a really true photographic adventure. You will never forget seeing the Big 5 (Elephant, Lion, Leopard, African Buffalo, and Rhino) and we will see most of them many, many times in various places. Our guides will have walkie-talkies communicating with other guides and if we hear of a lion kill, we will be there…. or a group of elephants crossing the water, etc.

I have kept the price down several thousand dollars from a comparable trip by really searching the best camps & guides and negotiating a tough bargain from them. Once in your life you need to see this exciting part of Africa and I can think of no better way than the great friends coming together in BTO. I really feel this will be the most exciting adventure that we have ever had ---- and boy, we have had some adventures!

Read the itinerary and prices below, print the registration form, send in your deposit to hold your spot. - - In my 12 years of directing BTO trips, we have never had the rush of people who wanted to go so quickly.

The trip will be on a first-come, first-serve basis, so act quickly to ensure you have a spot reserved. Make sure your passport does not expire before May 15, 2013.

Look for costs and schedules below and act quickly. If you have any questions, email the studio at my email address of: .


All Photos © Bill Bachmann


Look how close we are to the animals... but we will have only 6 per vehicle.
You should see many prides of lions... once I had one rest in the shadow of my van.


Everywhere you look is a photo.
Say cheese for a portrait.
Stop sign for elephants!
The male rests, the female do the work.
A Masai couple poses.
Don't mess with bill !
On the prowl.
Mama and baby.
We ride among the wildlife.
Who has the right of way?
A baby yawns... or is he practicing roaring?
Ballooning over the Serengeti... what an experience!
The Dennis Rodman of the Masai.
Hippo taking a bath... What, no privacy?
A refreshing waterhole.
You'll see what it feels like to interact with giraffes and other wild things.
What an experience... this leopard treed an impala.


B I L L    B A C H M A N N    P H O T O G R A P H Y



Bachmann Tour Overdrive Safari – THE ULTIMATE EAST AFRICA ADVENTURE !

June 15th thru June 29th, 2012

15 days/13 nights tour with Bill Bachmann, Deb Sandidge and driver-guide throughout all excursions

This is the ultimate East African Safari taking you from the foothills of Mount Kilimanjaro at Amboseli National Park across the Great Rift Valley to the eighth wonder of the world in Ngorongoro Crater, across the endless plains of the Serengeti to the jewel of Kenya's crown; the Masai Mara. This safari will give you some of the best game viewing experiences in some of the most scenic areas of the world. Accommodation comprises of a mix of small lodges and permanent camps. You will fly one route so as to enable you to cover the large distance without compromising on your game viewing time.


Quick Overview of the itinerary:

Day 1 Fly USA to Nairobi all night
Day 2 Arrive Nairobi. (Overnight at Hotel Boulevard)
Day 3 Nairobi to Amboseli National Park (Amboseli Serena)
Day 4 Amboseli National Park (Amboseli Serena)
Day 5 Amboseli National Park to Tarangire (Maramboi Tented Camp)
Day 6 Tarangire (Maramboi Tented Camp)
Day 7 Tarangire to Ngorongoro via Mto wa Mbu/Karatu area (Bougainvillea Safari Lodge)
Day 8 Ngorongoro Conservation Area (Bougainvillea Safari Lodge)
Day 9 Serengeti National Park (Kati Kati Camp)
Day 10 Serengeti National Park (Kati Kati Camp)
Day 11 Serengeti National Park to Masai Mara Game Reserve (Karen Blixen Camp)
Day 12 Masai Mara (Karen Blixen Camp)
Day 13 Masai Mara (Karen Blixen Camp)
Day 14 Drive to Nairobi, dinner at Carnivore (Overnight at Hotel Boulevard)
Day 15 Nairobi Relaxing, Shopping and Short Tour Day - Farewell Dinner - Depart for USA, arriving the same day


Detailed itinerary:

Day 1 Fly from the USA to either Switzerland or Belgium. Change planes and arrive in Nairobi, Kenya.
We are still searching for the best flights/fares... this will be resolved soon.

Day 2 Arrive in Nairobi
Upon arrival at Jomo Kenyatta International Airport, you will be met by a representative from Albatros Travel who will introduce you to the driver guide who will accompany you for the first part of this safari. The driver guide will take you to Hotel Boulevard, where you will have a quick briefing about pick-up times and be able to ask any questions which you may have. We will have our short traditional get-together meeting. Overnight (dinner on own account) at Hotel Boulevard.

Day 3 Nairobi to Amboseli National Park
Transfer from Nairobi to Amboseli National Park, best known for its unrivaled views of Kilimanjaro and the local elephant population. There are over 1000 elephants in the parks eco-system, featuring some of the largest in Africa. Arrive just in time for lunch at your accommodation, Amboseli Serena Lodge. Secluded within a grove of acacia trees, the lodge looks out over the golden savannah plains with uninterrupted views of the mountain itself. Close by are a series of emerald green swamps, which are fed by the melting snows of Kilimanjaro. These, the only sources of water in this otherwise starkly beautiful but arid park, attract huge numbers of wallowing elephants, hippos, buffalos and plains game. Take an afternoon game drive with sundowners at the prehistoric site of Observation Hill, and view sunset over Kilimanjaro is magnificent.

ACCOMMODATIONS: Amboseli Serena Lodge
ACTIVITIES: Afternoon game drive / 4 hours from Nairobi to the Amboseli National Park (with possible game sightings)

Day 4: Amboseli National Park
After a traditional breakfast you depart in the early morning on your first game drive of the day. Without a doubt, Amboseli is a photographer's paradise with the snows of Kilimanjaro, white and crystalline forming a majestic backdrop to one of Kenya' most spectacular displays of wildlife – lion, elephant, rhino, cheetah, buffalo and a host of plain's game. Returning back to the lodge for lunch, you will then proceed to the plains late afternoon for further game viewing. But it's just not all about this parks incredible game, there is an assortment of other activities to choose from including hiking, bird watching and walking safaris. Visitors can also learn about the culture and way of life of the indigenous Masai population through homestead visits. Dinner will be back at the lodge.

ACCOMMODATIONS: Amboseli Serena Lodge
ACTIVITIES: Morning game drive and afternoon game drive. Visit a Masai Boma

Day 5: Amboseli National Park to Karatu (Tanzania)
Leaving the incredible scenic land of Amboseli behind, you will begin your journey into Kenya's equally charming neighbour, Tanzania. Your journey will take you to Arusha town, the central point between Cairo and Cape Town and the hub of all Tanzania safaris. Enjoy a delicious lunch before continuing your journey to Tarangire National Park, where you will find your accommodation for the next two nights, Maramboi Tented Camp.

ACCOMMODATIONS: Maramboi Tented Camp
ACTIVITIES: Morning and afternoon game drives
TRANSFER TIME: 4 hours Amboseli to Arush / 2 hours Arusha to Karatu

Day 6: Tarangire National Park
Today you will have a full day game drive in Tarangire National Park. Tarangire National Park derives its name from the Tarangire River that rises in the highlands of central Tanzania and winds its way through the game sanctuary. The river irresistibly lures the herds of plains migrants from the parched surrounding area to its shrunken - but permanent - brackish waters during the dry season.The animals come by thousands from as far north as the shores of Lake Natron, dramatically swelling the resident population with wildebeest, zebra, eland, elephant, hartebeest, buffalo and fringe-eared Oryx. As the rainless days continue the Tarangire's pools are clotted with thirsty migrants, and elephants begin to dig for underground streams in the dry riverbed.

ACCOMMODATIONS: Maramboi Tented Camp
ACTIVITIES: Morning game drive and afternoon game drive

Day 7: Ngorongoro Conservation Area
After breakfast drive to the Karatu area with picnic lunch. On route you will have the opportunity for a tour around Mto wa Mbu Village and have an in depth experience of the way of life in an African village. This will be both a great photo and learning opportunity. You will proceed to Bougainvillea Lodge for dinner and overnight.

ACCOMMODATIONS: Bougainvillea Lodge
ACTIVITIES: Visit to Mto wa Mbu Village tour
TRANSFER TIME: 1 ½ hours Maramboi to Mto Wa Mbu / 40 Minutes Mto wa Mbu to Bougainvillea Lodge

Day 8: Ngorongoro Conservation Area to Serengeti National Park
Today you will have the opportunity to visit the floor of the Ngorongoro Crater. This incredible formation is part of the larger Ngorongoro Conservation Area, which covers more than 8300 square kilometres. The actual crater is 260 square kilometres and 620m deep. The original volcano was probably as high, if not higher than Kilimanjaro. To experience the crater without the crowds you will rise early for half day game drive. Reaching the crater floor as the sun begins to rise; you will undoubtedly be amazed at this natural phenomenon before you. The Ngorongoro Crater is home to about 25,000 animals and is one of the last places in Tanzania where the Big Five can be seen. The NCA is considered one of the World Heritage Sites and also one of the International Biosphere Reserves. Additionally, the NCA is unique because it is a multi-use conservation area - where the animals and environment are protected but the Masai are allowed to live and continue their pastoral lifestyle. Enjoy a picnic on the edge of one of the crater's lake as you watch elephants quench their thirst from afar. Return to the lodge to relax and enjoy a well-earned feast.

ACCOMMODATIONS: Bougainvillea Lodge
ACTIVITIES: Game drive in Ngorongoro Crater with picnic lunch / Return to the lodge in the late afternoon

Day 9: Serengeti National Park
Leaving the great spectacle of the crater behind you will drive to Tanzania's oldest and most popular national park, also a world heritage site and recently proclaimed as one of the 7 natural world wonders of modern time, the Serengeti National Park. With an on-route game drive you will also have the opportunity of stopping at the Olduvai Gorge, an archeological site made famous by Dr Mary Leaky with her discovery of the earliest hominid findings, giving Tanzania the reputation as being the 'Cradle of Mankind'. You will continue to the Serengeti arriving at your classical safari camp, Kati Kati Camp, your accommodation for the next two days.

ACCOMMODATIONS: Kati Kati Tented Camp
ACTIVITIES: Morning and afternoon game drive in the Serengeti (4-5 hrs.)

Day 10: Serengeti National Park
There's nothing like an early morning start allowing you to experience one of the most ultimate game viewing experiences. After a hot cup of tea or coffee you will soon be wide-awake as you watch wildlife at its most active time. The park is renowned for its annual migration; when some six million hooves pound the open plains, as more than 200,000 zebra and 300,000 Thomson's gazelle join the wildebeest's trek for fresh grazing. Yet even when the migration is quiet, the Serengeti offers arguably the most scintillating game-viewing in Africa: great herds of buffalo, smaller groups of elephant and giraffe, and thousands upon thousands of eland, topi, kongoni, impala and Grant's gazelle. For something completely different, we can arrange an optional early morning balloon safari over the Serengeti. (Bill has done this and it is an out-of-this-world experience to see herds running from above!). View large pods of wildlife and watch the sun rise over the park's endless plains, only to finish off this relaxing journey with a scrumptious champagne breakfast as we land right in the middle of the jungle. After lunch at camp, return to the parks open plains in search for more wildlife viewing and experiences. As the evening light approaches, you will be thoroughly rewarded with all you game spotting with sundowners back in camp.

ACTIVITIES: Morning and afternoon game drive in the Serengeti (Plus an optional early morning balloon journey).

Day 11: Serengeti to Masai Mara
Wake up early this morning before setting out to the western part of Tanzania and north to the border post of Isebania, where you will clear the immigration formalities before continuing to the airstrip at Migori. Here you will connect with your scheduled 30-minute flight to the Masai Mara, departing at 12:15 and arriving at 12:45 into the Masai Mara. Here you will be met by Albatros driver/guides and driven to the camp. The Albatros driver/guides will be with you for the next three days to accompany you on game drives and activates available from Karen Blixen Camp. For your three-night Mara stay, Karen Blixen Camp shall accommodate you. Karen Blixen Camp is located on the banks of the Talek River in the world famous Masai Mara game reserve. The Camp is situated on the northern border of the game reserve and its central location makes all areas of the park accessible during game drives. Arrive for lunch with the afternoon free for your first game drive in the Masai Mara.

ACTIVITIES: On-route game drive and afternoon game drive Transfer: 3 hour transfer Serengeti to Isebania border / 30min transfer Isebania to Migori / 30min flight Migori to Masai Mara 30 minute transfer Ol Kiombo airstrip to Karen Blixen Camp with game viewing on route.

Day 12: Masai Mara
This morning you will have a day to explore this incredible Wildlife Reserve. The Mara is technically an extension of Tanzania's renowned Serengeti National Park, but its rolling grasslands, meandering rivers and towering escarpments an endless amount of game viewing. Home to a wide variety of animals, the Mara is also famous for its Big Five. Depending on the game drive we'll drive back to the lodge for a late lunch, only to return again to the reserve's open plains late afternoon for more game viewing and sundowners in the bush.

ACTIVITIES: Morning and afternoon game drive

Day 13: Masai Mara
Rise early and take the option of a 2nd balloon safari across the Masai Mara. Take off in the crisp morning air, only to experience a game-viewing adventure with an entirely different perspective. As you silently float across the plains, forest and rivers for approximately an hour, your journey comes to end back on land but accompanied with a fully cooked champagne breakfast. The regular day sees more game viewing both in the morning and late afternoon. For the bird lovers there are over 450 species that have been identified in the Masai Mara Ecosystem. For your last night in the African bush, you will experience an amazing bush dinner underneath the starry African sky as the bush quietly hums in the background.

ACTIVITIES: Morning and afternoon game drives, an optional 2nd balloon ride.

Day 14: Masai Mara to Nairobi
It may be the last day of safari however your game viewing does not stop. After breakfast, experience an on-route game driving out of the Mara and drive back to Nairobi, stopping en route for lunch. This journey travel along the floor of the Great Rift Valley and climbs up the escarpment into Nairobi, a spectacular drive. You will arrive in Nairobi late afternoon and be transferred to the world famous Carnivore restaurant where you will be given the opportunity to sample some of Kenya's finest game meats including Ostrich and crocodile. Bill can't wait to see each of your expressions in this restaurant for meat-eaters. Large men bring spears of cooked wildlife and slice it onto your plate. It is an experience!

MEALS: Breakfast at Karen Blixen Camp, lunch en route to Nairobi and dinner at Carnivore.
ACTIVITIES: 5.5 hr. drive from Masai Mara to Nairobi (not including lunch stop) / 45 minutes from Carnivore to Hotel Boulevard.

Day 15: Nairobi Siteseeing and Depart
Today you will have the opportunity to visit some of the places of interest within Nairobi. After a short city tour to witness the main sights on downtown Nairobi, the City market offers a fantastic opportunity to purchase some Kenyan art and crafts, and is a very fun and vibrant environment to do your souvenir shopping in. The Kenyan National Museum is an option for people who are interested in Kenya`s rich history. Extra security will be provided by Albatros. Lunch on your own. Dinner tonight will be Bill's treat at the Farewell Dinner, after which you will depart for Jomo Kenyatta International Airport for your flight home.

MEALS: Breakfast at Hotel Boulevard / Nairobi Restaurants:
ACTIVITIES: Free Day. City tour, City Market. (Kenya National Museum & Karen Blixen Museum can be visited for $8 pp).


Price: The Great African Safari Per Person Sharing: $5295
Single Room Supplement $785


• Breakfast every day and all but two meals throughout the entire trip & safari • Park Entrance fees • Sundowners in Amboseli • Masai Village visit in Amboseli • Visit to Mto Wa Mbu Village • Visit to Olduvai Gorge • Dinner at Carnivore • Game drives and site seeing as per the itinerary in a custom built safari minibus in Amboseli • Game drives and site seeing as per the itinerary in a custom built safari 4x4 Land Cruiser in Tanzania • Game drives in a custom built safari minibus in the Masai Mara • Transfers as per the itinerary • Flight Migori - Mara • Government taxes and levies


• International Airfares (We are working to get the best fare from USA to Africa) • International and domestic departure tax • 2 Visas (Multiple visit for Kenya & Single visit for Tanzania) • Travel and health insurance • Drinks at Carnivore • Drinks throughout the itinerary • Third optional Cultural village visit • Balloon excursion • Entrance fee to Nairobi National Museum on last day • Gratuities to your guide, hotel staff and porters • Any personal items and anything not mentioned under included in price.


********************************************------------------------------------------------- **********************************************


• Hotel Boulevard -
• Amboseli Serena -
• Maramboi -
• Bougainvillea Lodge -
• Kati Kati Camp -
• Karen Blixen Camp -

Kenya, Tanzania, Ngorongoro, Serengeti

Tanzania is a destination famous for its diverse natural wonders, with some of the finest game parks in the world including Serengeti, Ngorongoro, Lake Manyara, Tarangire, Ruaha and the Selous. All game parks can be visited throughout the year. It does not rain all day long in Tanzania even during the peak rains season which hardly lasts for 2 ½ months between mid March and May. The best time to visit the Selous Game reserve and Ruaha National Park is during the dry season from June to November.

In the other game parks, especially around Ngorongoro and Serengeti in northern Tanzania, the rain season falls within the best time of the year for game viewing. While the Serengeti provides excellent game viewing opportunities throughout the year, the period between December and June adds a special game viewing dimension to this one of the greatest wildlife sanctuaries on earth. From December to March every year, depending on theonset of the short and long rains, the southeastern Serengeti plains and the open woodlands around Lakes Ndutu and Masek are transformed into a busy holding ground for vast herds of migratory animals, breeding and regrouping in their hundreds of thousands before they start the long treks annual migration around May & June. The long rains, which start in mid March and continue on to the end of May, create a perfect habitat for the migratory animals, especially wildebeest and Zebra, to continue roaming in the Serengeti before they start fanning out. Our cue is for you to take advantage of the excellent game viewing opportunities and the great value for money that this season is offering. Between mid May and July, when drought sets in, Serengeti is the site of one of the most breathtaking events in the animal kingdom - the migration of thousands of wildebeest heading southwest, north or west in search of water and greener pastures. According to the Serengeti National Park official guide "Lines and columns of wildebeest up to 40 km long have been observed (from the air) heading southwest, north or west as the wildebeest trek to the woodland zone". The migration lingers in the Western Corridor towards Lake Victoria area between June and July, and while Lobo area remains rich in wildlife during the dry months, most of the migratory animals move into Maasai Mara in Kenya by September. The migratory animals stay hardly three months in Maasai Mara, before streaming back into northern Tanzania in November. Serengeti was accepted by the World Heritage Convention as a World Heritage Site and Biosphere in 1981.

***We will do all we can to "double up" to get you a roommate if you want to save on the
single room supplement. It usually works out evenly for those who want to share a room.


A note from Bill Bachmann

Check my web site to see some of my photography from all over the world. Even though I am very busy in my advertising and stock business, I do love to take interested people on BTO trips to share my love for special places on our planet. I will also strive to have the group become close and caring, and I can promise you will love the interaction we will develop. We always share images with each other when we return, and we had a wonderful Reunion to share all of our photos... we have become friends for life!

I honestly believe this is the most exciting & adventurous trip I have EVER directed with BTO. We will be smelling, listening, watching, and breathing these animals from mere feet away. Most of our BTO trips we "invade" villages... here we are becoming "part" of the living experience of these animals in the wild and the homes of the tribal villages.

Deborah Sandidge, author of Digital Infrared Photography, will be teaching several wonderful seminars on the African trip. In her Infrared seminar, she will illustrate the beauty of infrared photography as it applies to landscapes, architecture, birds and wildlife. Using compelling infrared images created with her infrared converted cameras, and color/infrared comparisons, Deb will discuss in detail the best techniques to enable you to capture one-of-a-kind infrared images. From understanding infrared light and filter choices, to imaginative techniques in photographing, and post-processing in Photoshop, Deb will share insightful and creative techniques that you can immediately apply to your infrared photography.

HDR (High Dynamic Range) photography is exciting, creative and technically amazing! Deborah will also share her tips and techniques for creating inspirational images through the process of HDR. The art and technique of HDR allows the photographer to create extraordinary and dramatic story-telling images. With HDR, a new image is created by combining a variety of exposures to reveal incredible detail, color, and definition throughout the highlight, mid-tone, and shadow areas. She will discuss techniques for combining HDR images, and will review artistic enhancements with plug-ins and filters such as Topaz Adjust, Lucis Pro, and Nik Software.

Deb's third seminar is entitled A Creative Approach to Digital Photography and it will cover techniques ranging from interpretation of a subject for the best photographic outcome, to creatively enhancing an image in Photoshop. She will share with you innovative ways to shoot for special effects such as zooming, long exposure to convey motion, multiple exposures, shooting through glass, reflections, HDR, and Photomerge. Working with images in Photoshop, Deb will show you how to easily use creative techniques such as adding a watery reflection, mirroring, and composites for texture. In addition, Photoshop plug-ins will allow you to achieve artistic effects, as well as detail and color enhancement, thus providing additional creative alternatives for your own work.

I can only say that Deb & I look forward to taking a group of people who love to travel on this wonderful trip to an area I really know and love. You will return with not only memories of a lifetime, but also fabulous pictures, more knowledge of travel photography, much more knowledge of our planet. We can't wait to share this with you.

This trip will fill-up quickly, so please act quickly or watch us take-off without you! This is on a first-come, first-serve basis, so email with questions, and get your form & deposit in. I will limit the number of travelers on this trip to match our vehicles.

Check out our exciting web site:

Print these pages for your own reference, then click on the link
below to print the registration form to mail in to reserve your spot:

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