July 9 - 23rd, 2017 

Directed by Bill Bachmann

- DUBLIN                            - SLIGO                   - GALWAY              - LIMERICK

                             - KILLARNEY                        - CORK                     BELFAST, NORTHERN IRELAND                                         


RockOfCashelSummer1986 Day6

One of the scores of castles we will photograph in Ireland.



We are going to explore most of the country of Ireland and we'll ride through some of Northern Ireland. You will feel like you know Ireland after this trip!


During the month of July, we will travel much of Ireland & Northern Ireland. The map above has the cities circled where we will spend 1-2 nights in hotels. These hotels will be our base as we explore all the sites, castles, pubs, small villages, attractions and the people of the various areas. And the good news is they speak English -- although it will be hard at times to understand with their strong Irish accents. Everytime I have been in Ireland, I have marveled at how warm & friendly the local people are to tourists.

The main group of BTO'ers will fly United Airlines from Newark on July 8th non-stop into Dublin, arriving in the morning of July 9th. Some of you may want to fly a different airline or day and that is fine. All you have to do is meet us on July 9th at our designated hotel. All that information will come later. 

This has to be everyone's "Bucket List" of beautiful places to see and photograph. And, as always with BTO, we will stop at every exotic location so that we can all see & take stunning photographs to bring home and frame. The weather in Ireland in July is cool & sunny. The perfect time to explore Ireland without rain and cold.  

Below will be pictures and the itinerary, along with the price, of the entire trip. WE MUST FILL THIS TRIP QUICKLY SO THAT WE CAN RESERVE THE HOTELS WITH DOWN PAYMENTS.  July is also a busy time in Ireland and we must "hold" the hotels quickly or we could lose them. There will be a link to a form below (near the price) that you need to fill out and send with a deposit to me. I must send it on quickly as Ireland is TOUGH on hotel reservations. They need deposits & names to hold rooms!

This promises to be one of our most scenic photographic trips. Our days will be traveling along beautiful windy roads, with lots of scenic stops to take as many pictures as we want. We will also stop in small villages to shoot local people, farmers, isolated mountain views and we will drink with many of the locals in their pubs!

All breakfasts, many lunches & dinners are included, and of course, the Farewell Dinner. We will have lots of time to stop in small villages and find our own little quaint cafes. We want this trip to be fantastic for photography and also have enough free time to relax whenever we can in villages.


1101 2444     

 On one of my trips I found this humble farmer with his cattle. Ireland will have so many lifestyle images of workers & farmers.





Full Irish Breakfast daily 

1 bag porterage per person at each hotel

Visits as per written itinerary, with the following paid inclusions

Day 1 – 8th July - flight from USA to Ireland

Overnight flight from Newark on United Airlines. You can also fly another airline and meet us at the airport or hotel July 9th.

Day 2 – 9th July – arrival of flight (Dublin Hotel)

Arrive in Dublin in the morning.

Depart airport on through arrivals at approx. 10:00

10:00            Panoramic tour of Dublin including inside visit to Saint Patrick’s Cathedral & the Book of Kells (30 mins in each location)

12:00            Lunch in Old Storehouse Pub, Temple Bar (main & tea/coffee) 

13:00            Continue panoramic en route to hotel

14:00            Finish panoramic and arrive for check in at hotel

Rest of the evening to relax or photograph on your own around the hotel. We may want to go to bed early after the overnight flight.


Itinerary Inclusions:

  • Admission to Book of Kells, Trinity College
  • Guided tour of St. Patrick’s Cathedral
  • Lunch to include main course plus tea/coffee 
  • Separate Guide (recommended to co-ordinate arrival of guests at airport and guide through panoramic of Dublin City to hotel)

Dublin     Dublin002

Dublin at night.                                                                                                            Dublin bridge.  

13750 3937           7605 3239

We will visit the Guinness factory!                                            There is color everywhere in Ireland. 


Day 3 – 10th July (Dublin Hotel)

09:00            Depart hotel and travel to Glendalough

10:30            Visit to Glendalough visitor centre including free time to visit monastic ruins

12:30            Lunch in local establishment

14:45            Visit to Guinness Storehouse -- BEER!

16:45            Return drive to hotel

18:30            Depart for Taylors Three Rock for dinner and show

22:00            Return drive to hotel

Itinerary Inclusions:

  • Visit to Glendalough including monastic ruins visitor centre (self guided)
  • Admission to Guinness Storehouse (entry to brewery itself is not permitted)
  • Lunch to include main plus tea/coffee
  • Dinner & show to include starter, main, desert, tea/coffee 

Day 4 – 11th July (Northern Ireland Hotel-TBA)


08:30            Depart hotel for Belfast

10:45            Visit to Titanic Belfast

                      Time to shoot on your own in downtown Belfast
13:00            Lunch in local establishment
14:00            Depart and drive along the Antrim Coast with many castles along the shoreline to photograph.
                     Arrive at Belfast hotel for overnight stay

 Itinerary Inclusions:

  • Visit to Titanic Belfast including audio guide
  • Lunch to include main plus tea/coffee


City Hall And The Belfast Wheel     titanic-belfast-entrance-ticket-titanic-visitor-experience-including-in-belfast-140907

                                     City Hall  & The Belfast Wheel.                                                          We will visit this Titanic Museum-- history over 100 years ago..  

City Sigthseeing open top bus MCW Metrobus LDZ 5 in Belfast Northern Ireland 13 May 2009     Belfast OperaHouse

Double Decker buses are everywhere.                                                            Belfast Opera House. 



Day 5 – 12th July (Sligo Hotel)

09:00            Depart hotel and continue to Giants Causeway

                     Visit to the Giants Causeway including audio guide & return shuttle to/from visit centre to stones (2 hours)

12:00            Depart and continue to Derry

13:15            Independent walk along the Derry walls followed by free time in Derry City

15:30            Continue to Sligo hotel for the night

Itinerary Inclusions:

  • Inside visit to Giants Causeway including audio guide
  • Free time in Derry



     causeway    giants-causeway

                                    Two images of the Giant's Causeway. 



Day 6 – 13th July (Sligo Hotel)

09:00            Depart for Glenveagh Castle & Park

                     Visit to Castle & Park (Inside visit to Castle & free time to explore park)

13:30            Lunch in Leo’s Tavern

                     Free time to shoot local streets & pubs

16:30            Depart for return journey to hotel

                     Free time to shoot around Sligo downtown

Itinerary Inclusions:

  • Inside visit to Glenveagh Castle & Park
  • Shuttle within Glenveagh Castle & Park
  • Lunch to include main plus tea/coffee 

    images     cottagegarden
                                     Glenveagh Castle.                                                                                     Glenveagh Gardens.


DSC 0010     ireland-sligo-north-7

                                                 Sligo Castle.                                                                                                            City of Sligo.

Day 7 – 14th July (Galway Hotel)


09:00            Depart hotel for Belleek Pottery

Inside visit to Belleek and time to purchase and/or shoot photos 

Continue to Galway

Check in to hotel in Galway

Free time for dinner on your own and shooting downtown Galway into the sunset


Itinerary Inclusions:

  • Inside visit to Belleek Pottery

galway city centre 3     programs study galway3

                                                                                                Free time to shoot downtown Galway on into sunset.

Day 8 – 15th July (Galway Hotel)


09:00            Depart hotel for Roundstone for tea/coffee & scones
10:45            Tea/coffee & scones in Roundstone
11:30            Continue to Kylemore Abbey
13:00            Visit to Kylemore Abbey
15:00            Continue to Cong
16:15            Early dinner/Late lunch in local establishment in Cong
                     Free time to explore Cong Village and Abbey (home of the movie, The Quiet Man)
18:00            Continue to hotel


Itinerary Inclusions: 

  • Tea/coffee & scones
  • Inside visit to Kylemore Abbey & Gardens
  • Late lunch/early dinner to include main, desert plus tea/coffee


Day8 roundstone     img 0287

Roundstone.                                                                               Kylemore Abbey.


Day 9 – 16th July (Limerick Hotel)

09:30            Depart hotel for Rathbaun Farm
                     Visit to Rathbaun Farm including sheep shearing demo and lunch

13:30            Depart for Cliffs of Moher

15:00            Visit to the Cliffs of Moher

17:00            Continue drive to hotel

Itinerary Inclusions:

  • Visit to Rathbaun Farm including sheep shearing demo
  • Lunch in Rahtbaun Farm to include main, desert plus tea/coffee 
  • Visit to Cliffs of Moher

    • 9121311962 cf15cd8cfd b        George Karbus 1 of 6 600px-600x288
                        Shearing time at Rathbaun Farm.                                                                                                      Cliffs of Moher

Day 10 – 17th July (Limerick Hotel)

Morning at Leisure

15:00            Depart for Bunratty Castle & Folk Park

15:30            Inside visit to Bunratty Castle & Folk Park

                     Medieval Banquet

19:45            Return drive to hotel

Itinerary Inclusions:

  • Inside visit to Bunratty Castle & Folk Park
  • Medieval Banquet to include dinner and show 



7604 3239     DSC00738 

Bunratty Castle and Folk Park. 



 Day 11 – 18th July (Killarney Hotel)

09:00            Depart and travel to Foynes

10:00            Visit to the Flying Boat Museum

                     Irish coffee demo including tasting

11:45            Continue to Dingle Skellig Hotel for lunch

14:00            Lunch in Dingle Skellig or similar

                     Free time to explore

15:30            Continue to Killarney

Itinerary Inclusions:

  • Inside visit to Flying Boat Museum
  • Irish coffee demo including tasting
  • Lunch to include main plus tea/coffee

QS-Flying-Boat-yankee-clipper    13733 3937

                         We will explore the flying boat museum.                                                            We will stop at schools whenever we can -- a BTO tradition!

  • Day 12 – 19th July (Killarney Hotel)

Finally a day to just relax in Killarney until the evening. You're free to rest or explore the village of Killarney on your own with cameras.

18:45            Depart for dinner & show

19:00            Dinner and Show at Jarvey’s Rest or similar

21:30            Depart for return journey to hotel

Itinerary Inclusions:

  • Dinner & show to include starter, main, desert, tea/coffee 


killarney town 1              ross castle  killarney national park  county cork  ireland

Things to shoot on your own with your free day in Killarney.


Perhaps it's time for another local fish -n- Chips.



Day 13 – 20th July (Killarney Hotel)


09:00            Depart for journey along the Ring of Kerry
09:45            Inside visit to The Bog Village at Red Fox Inn
                      Irish coffee
11:00            Continue along the Ring of Kerry
                      Photo stops 
13:00            Free time in Sneem
14:00            Continue along the Ring of Kerry
                      Photo stops 
15:30            Arrive in Hotel
18:00            Depart hotel for dinner in Treyvauds or similar


Itinerary Inclusions:

  • Inside visit to The Bog Village
  • Irish coffee at Red Fox Inn
  • Panoramic drive along the Ring of Kerry including photo stops
  • Dinner to include starter, main, desert plus tea/coffee 
  • Glass of beer, wine or soft drink with dinner


c109 main killarney    Killarney-Ladies-View-8749383-2000x1200
                                              Just a beautiful day riding all along the picturesque Ring of Kerry with cameras in hand and many stops!

Day 14 – 21
st July (Cork Hotel)


09:00            Depart for Blarney Castle
10:30            Visit to Blarney Castle
                     Free time to explore Blarney Woolen Mills whilst enjoying and Irish coffee
12:30            Depart and continue to Cobh
13:15            Visit to The Queenstown Story, Cobh Heritage Centre
                               Free time to explore Cobh
15:15            Continue to hotel


Itinerary Inclusions:

  • Inside visit to Blarney Castle
  • Irish coffee during free time in Blarney Woollen Mills
  • Visit to The Queenstown Story, Cobh Heritage Centre

    • blarney    would-you-kiss-the-blarney-stone-L-P1XsFs
                                            The beautiful grounds of the famous Blarney Castle.                                                          Are you going to kiss the Blarney Stone??


Day 15 – 22nd July (Dublin Hotel)


09:00            Depart for Dublin
                     Free afternoon to shop or shoot on your own in the Irish capital of Dublin.
19:00            Farewell Dinner


Itinerary Inclusions:

  • Farewell dinner


Day 16 – 23rd July

Sadly, we now head to the airport for our non-stop flight to Newark and home. We take with us many photos and memories of a wonderful two weeks exploring the green country of Ireland.


Itinerary Inclusions:

  • Driver & Coach (transfer to airport)




We have selected a fine variety of quaint Irish hotels. We will have full Irish breakfasts in each hotel so wear your biggest pants :-)

Here are the links to each of our 4 - star hotels.

Clayton Hotel Ballsbridge                        9th – 11th July

 Ballygally Castle, Larne                11th – 12th July

 Sligo Park Hotel                                     12th – 14th July

 Westport Coast Hotel, Mayo            14th – 16th July

 Clayton Hotel Limerick                        16th – 18th July

 Randles Hotel, Killarney                        18th – 21st July

 Clayton Hotel Cork                                     21st – 22nd July

 Clayton Hotel Ballsbridge                        22nd – 23rd July


Trip inclusions:

  • All excursions, food & beverage mentioned in the itinerary. 
  • Hotel accommodation each night including breakfast.
  • Farewell dinner to include starter, main, desert, tea/coffee plus drink of choice.
  • Porterage included in above per person costs.
  • Coach driver & guide daily.
  • Transfers to/from airport.
  • All taxes and government surcharges.
  • Excursions Ireland handling fee.


Not included in Trip:

  • Gratuities for guide, driver and service staff. I will collect the tip money & disperse it as needed thru the entire trip.
  • Porterage at the Airport
  • Lunches & Dinners not listed in the above itinerary 
  • Any alcohol or drinks, not mentioned.
  • Airfare to and from USA/Dublin. We will try to get a good rate for the main group flight.



Total Cost:  $4875 pays for the trip with all the items on the above itinerary.

Single supplement is $1075. ** These prices are only valid for a group of 20 people. 


** We will do all we can to “double up” to get you a roommate if you want to save on the single room supplement.  It usually works out evenly for those who want to share a room. 

As always, I would reccomend travel insurance in case of any emergencies at home or on the trip. This has helped several people on our past trips, and it is well worth the cost for that security.




To reserve your space on this exciting trip, you must do the following quickly:

1. Check made out for $1000 to "Bill Bachmann."

2. Must print, fill out & include the Registration Form - CLICK HERE -

3. Photo copy of your passport photo page..... make sure it does not expire by Janurary 23, 2018.

4. Email Bill at so that he can keep track of spaces filled even before your check & registration form arrives.

To help Bill organize our group and to make sure to hold a spot, mail all of this RIGHT AWAY to:

Bill Bachmann
PO Box 950077
Lake Mary, FL 32795-0077

Any questions email me at the studio RIGHT AWAY!