China 2011



Directed by Bill Bachmann

September 26 - October 11, 2011

Bill's groups are always filled with a diversified group of photographers & non-photographers who are energetic,
love to travel, helpful to each other, and just plain fun! Here is a group portrait from a fun China BTO trip.

Bill Bachmann, internationally-acclaimed travel photographer, has traveled on assignment to over 170 countries on all seven continents. He has photographed over 1200 magazine covers, written fifteen books, and worked on many national and international advertising campaigns. His work is published weekly in most of the developed countries of the world on TV, brochures, internet, billboards, and in countless magazines.

After many requests from friends and other photographers, he decided to share his visions and experience once a year in some magical part of the world. It is because of these requests that BACHMANN TOUR OVERDRIVE was formed. He truly enjoys sharing photography and travel with exciting people, and looks forward to directing this wonderful trip to China in 2011. It will be a truly unique trip with plenty of time for sharing this exotic part of the world.

Few people in America have traveled freely to these areas of China. Bill has developed an all-inclusive trip for people who love to travel to explore -- with cameras -- many of the rare scenes of China. And it will NOT be a typical "tour"... this itinerary has been refined by Bill to include great places to visit and shoot pictures, with some instruction, and free time to explore in small groups. You will travel with this group to his FAVORITE mountaintops to capture photographs - both professional and amateur - with impact. This will not be a boring "tour" that stops at every tourist shop!!!

On this trip Bill has decided to "slow down" Bachmann Tour Overdrive a little and stay in the same hotel for more than one night more often. Many times in the past we never were able to unpack enough and relax in the same hotel/city. Even though this trip sees many cities & sites, Bill made a special effort to return to the same hotel nightly rather than change hotels so often.

Both the price and the itinerary are special... we will travel for a total of 16 days seeing wonders of the world. We will explore small villages and photograph so many of the people of China -- all with English-speaking, Chinese guides. Bill Bachmann will direct the trip, share secrets along the way each day, and direct discussions & technique sessions. He will scout local models and have members of the group help each other with reflectors, and all spend time creating pictures that will be the envy back home. You can ask questions, learn his methods of travel & marketing photos, and learn how to make money in stock photography. We will all have wonderful and plentiful meals together, discussing the travels and wonders of these fascinating destinations. Bill goes out of his way to develop a comfortable, friendly group that will become friends for life.

All of this is at a surprisingly low, all-inclusive price that includes ALL meals, first-class hotels, guides, flights, instruction with Bill, transfers, all tours and tour transportation, everything (except a few meals in Hong Kong). Regent China Tours has been guiding American tour groups into China since 1981, and they have designed a trip for Bill Bachmann especially for photographers and people that LOVE travel. They have an excellent reputation from many seasoned travelers, and all the hotels, food, and connections are the best available.

**** We will fly Continental Airlines so we will all receive approx. 14,000 Frequent Flyer Miles on a round-trip to China (more than half of another free trip sometime later in the USA.)

The trip will be on a first-come, first-serve basis, so read the itinerary and email Bill Bachmann at his studio. Then print & fill out the registration form, make a photocopy of your passport ( must not expire before April 20, 2012) and send them with a deposit to hold a spot.

Everything will be included as we travel first to China's most important city -- Beijing. Then we will travel to magical Shanghai with it's progressive growth. We leave then for the quaint cities of Guilin and Yangshuo in Southern China where we will explore the beautiful rivers and mountains famous in most of the Chinese art. We will photograph fishermen as you have never seen before (look below!) And we continue on for the final three days in one of the most exciting cities in the world, Hong Kong. So look for costs and schedules below and realize that we are keeping this a small group. Call the studio, ask any questions, print & fill out the registration form with a copy of your passport, and make a deposit to hold your place!


Photos below © Bill Bachmann  

In Beijing we will explore many ancient wonders. This colorful photo is of the Heavenly Gate
at the entrance to the Fobidden City, home for centeries of the Emperors. A huge portrait of the
late Chairman Mao hangs over the door. The famous Tiananmen Square is to the left of this picture.
We'll explore China and shoot native people everywhere. These fishermen on the Li River tie the throats of their birds,
who then dive for fish. Since they can't swallow, the men take the fish and throw them in the basket.
This is one of the few areas of the world where this ancient practice is used.
Everywhere we go, we will tip locals to
pose in their native costume for us.
One of the Great Wonders of the World.
You have not lived until you've stood on
the Great Wall of China with no people.
Our group will get "hands-on" work with Bill as
we stroll China's villages. Here everyone loves
shooting a small Chinese child in a dress.
If you shoot any digital stills or video, the children.
will surround you to see themselves! The Chinese
people are warm and as curious as you are....




All-Inclusive Trip to China

September 26th - October 11th, 2011

Regent China 16-day Escorted Tour (everything included -- flights, tours, almost all meals, hotels, guides, photo instruction, etc.)

Day1 Fly out of our gateway city, Newark, on Continental Airlines direct to Beijing, China. Cross the International Dateline and lose a day. We will make up for the lost day on the return trip when we again cross the dateline.

Day2 thru Day6 Travel and arrive in Beijing -- Meet our Regent Beijing Guide and check into our luxury hotel to relax. In the next four days, we do magical things. We will explore Tiananmen Square, The Forbidden City with its famous 999 1/2 rooms (and lots of time to wander). Travel to a secluded section of the Great Wall -- one of the Wonders of Earth as the wall snakes for miles through the peaked mountains, with plenty of time to take great pictures. We will also tour the Temple of Heaven, Summer Palace and the Ming Tombs. We will have a fun Rickshaw tour thru the homes of the old Hutong section of the city (exploring individual homes and meeting locals), perhaps see a colorful Beijing Opera performance, in addition to lots of time in the parks taking pictures of the wonderfully warm local people dancing, singing, etc. We will have plenty of time to see and experience... Bill Bachmann wants you to see and feel China, not look at it from a distance. We will not be wasting precious hours waiting in shops (there will be time for you to often shop on your own). Instead, we will explore and learn China with up-close experiences.

Day7 thru Day9 We fly from Beijing to fabulous Shanghai. In these three days you will discover that Shanghai is the most modern and cosmopolitan city in all of China. The dynamic changes in this city in the last ten years are amazing.

One of the highlights of our time in Shanghai is a visit to the Children's Place. In this school talented Chinese children will perform wonderful musical and dance selections while we are free to take photographs. This has been a favorite for Bill's group trips! Wait till you see these children!

We will also visit the famous Shanghai Museum and Yu Garden. Built into our schedule will be a free day for us to explore the old parts of the city, walk the famous Bund and photograph locals in small groups. One night we will include a River Dinner Cruise next to the Bund with the Shanghai skyline all around us.

Day10 Fly from Shanghai to Guilin, a small village nestled in the southern mountains. We will spend the day on a Guilin tour visiting small homes, the Reed Flute Cave, the Elephant Trunk Hill, and take pictures of the various Ethnic Dancers.

Day11 thru Day12 In the morning we will take a picturesque lunch cruise on the famous Li River. On this cruise we will photograph all the scenes of the ragged lime mountains that are famous in all the Chinese art. (take a look at the fishermen above) We will then spend free time in the fabulous village of Yangshuo. In every one of Bill's trips, this has been the favorite city adventure. It is a small village, nestled in the mountains, with tiny coffee shops and plenty of free time to walk and explore. We will probably rent Rickshaws to explore the rice farming areas, if this is still allowed. You can be sure that this will be one of the places you will always remember.

Day13 Return to Guilin and fly to Hong Kong in the afternoon. Your first night in Hong Kong  will also give you sights you've never seen. We will cross the harbor on a ferry to see the most spectacular skyline in the world from the famous Victoria Peak.

Day14 thru Day15 We will spend two days in Hong Kong exploring attractions with lots of free time. We will all go to the top of Victoria Peak again for the most beautiful panoramic view anywhere on earth. We will visit great restaurants, shopping like nowhere in the world, and experience the night-life of this dynamic city. We will include our famous Farewell Dinner on the last night.

Day16 We say farewell to Hong Kong and China with sadness and fly back home thru Newark, making up the day we lost as we cross the dateline and arrive the same day. We are tired, but with memories of the trip of a lifetime.


TOTAL COSTS: All flights, 4 & 5 Star Hotels, all meals (except Hong Kong, where only breakfast is included), transfers, guides, EVERYTHING!! Don't forget we each get 14,000 Plus Frequent Flyer Miles.
16  DAYS:

Total Cost $3990.00 per person plus international flight from Newark/Beijing, Hong Kong/Newark. This is currently $1020.00 round trip. We will make arrangements for people on the West Coast to fly to/from China/HK from there, and probably have a less expensive flight.

*** Single Supplement $945 (we will try to "pair up" people to save on this!)

This is a total complete package: Not included -- your only additional expenses will be meals in Hong Kong (other than breakfast), your $160 fee for the Chinese Visa, (China just recently, like the USA, raised the fee for Visitor's Visas. The cost for the Visa is $140 plus $20 s&h for the company supplying the Visas), your own R/T trip to Newark, and tips for our China guides. It is such a great total price, as all internal China flights would be expensive on their own. And we have 4 & 5 star hotels and wonderful food & guides.

***We will do all we can to "double up" to get you a roommate if you want to save on the
single room supplement. It usually works out evenly for those who want to share a room.


A note from Bill Bachmann

Check my web site to see some of my photography from China and all over the world. Even though I am very busy in my advertising and stock business, I do love to take interested people to China to share my love for this country. I have been to China over 20 times and have taken three other groups there, and it is impossible to describe either the country or its many people. I will also strive to have the group become close and caring, and I can promise you will love the interaction we will develop. We always share images with each other when we return, and we had a wonderful Reunion to share all of our photos... we have become friends for life!

This is on a first-come, first-serve basis, so call with questions, and get your form & deposit in. I want to keep the group small and intimate, and I believe that Regent China Tours are the best money can buy !!

I can only say that I look forward to taking a group of people who love to travel on this wonderful trip to a country I really love. You will not return the same person that you were when you left... and you will return with not only memories of a lifetime, but also fabulous pictures, more knowledge of travel photography, much more knowledge about China & its economic power in this world and more appreciation of our planet. I can't wait to share this with you.

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