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"Remember The Joy" is Bill's newest book and it is a MUST for any person who wants to make money in photography. And have fun while doing it!

Bill has lectured often on intensive seminars called "Weekend with Bachmann" in which he goes into much detail about getting into the lucrative world of stock photography. Here in this book, for the first time ever, are all those secrets about stock photography and much, much more. Bill shows his all-time best selling images, and discusses WHY they are great sellers. One of his images has sold for over $400,000 in stock sales, and he also illustrates many others that have topped $100,000 in sales. Bill goes into detail about how you can make sales like that creating images that you love.

Bill holds nothing back in this book. He has several chapters on how to get started today, how to know what to shoot and how to have the freedom to make money shooting pictures that interest you. He shows a useful numbering system, methods to organize your workflow, how to arrange your shoots for the most profit, how to find agents to sell your pictures, how/when to approach these agents, and how to see it all make a profit !

Bill is regarded as one of the top five stock photographers in the world and this book is crammed with information to make success happen for you. He also has chapters on how to market your work to get better & higher paying commercial assignments and how to find/approach these clients. There are several chapters that illustrate the "How To's" while being on foreign assignments with him and how/why he did what he did to get the needed result.

There is also a chapter with insight into shooting nature photography by three experts in the field - Wayne Bennett, Ken Blye, and Jim Urbach.

The theme of the entire book is shooting what you really love and making money at it. Bill goes to great lengths showing you how to change your life in photography and be really successful in today's tough world with computers and lower prices for images. There is no other book on the market that gives so many REAL secrets of success in this competitive business. Once the reader has finished this book, and knows these techniques, there is no reason they can't make 500 times the price of the book in the first year on stock sales. It is that informative of a book.

The best part, obviously, is that you can do all of this while shooting pictures that you enjoy! It is all here in this great book. Learn here first-hand from one of the best in the world, and his enthusiasm will help you get excited about making money in the lucrative fields of stock & assignment photography.



"Send Me Anywhere"  is one of Bill's three newest books. You have never witnessed a book with more vibrant color!

This book is a smorgasbord of color for your senses. As Bill travels the world, he looks everywhere for graphic color to illustrate the beauty of our planet. This collection of almost eighty exciting images will take you on a trip around our Earth that you won't believe.

All of Bill's other books have stories and writing about the many photographs. He wanted to make this book totally different. He succeeded in allowing just the brilliant colors to speak to the reader without words or interpretation.

Bill has traveled to over 170 countries on all seven continents. In "Send Me Anywhere" he has selected the best of the best! You will discover images from the top of the world (above the Arctic Circle) to the bottom (below the Antarctic Circle.) Bill has even documented colorful tribes in many remote parts of the world and in this book he brings them alive.

Bill highly recommends this new book for anyone who loves photography. It is also a great, inexpensive gift to those who love to travel.



"Images of Woman"
is also one of Bill's three newest books.

If you look at the nude slideshow on the website, you will see a few samples of the great B&W images Bill has created for this new book.

Returning to his love of B&W photography was a joy for Bill. He travels around the world for a prestigious array of advertising agencies and magazines, shooting color advertising images. In this book, however, Bill turns inward and shows his own personal fine-art nude ideas in black & white.

Many of the models in "Images of Woman" are highly paid models in the magazine world. Here they posed for Bill, and his creative ideas, to capture something unusual, sensual and intriguing.

This book took several years to develop. Bill often took time from his busy commercial work to create fine-arts images to share with the world.

"Images of Woman"
is a chance to look into the mind of a top commercial photographer creating his own personal vision -- without the paid assignments, big crews, and all the glamour involved in large advertising projects. This book should stimulate your visions and appreciation of art in a pure artistic form.



Bill has created eight colorful limited-edition, coffee-table books you will be proud to own for your home. Each of these hard-bound books measures 15 x 11 1/2 inches and will have a small limited print run. Because each book will be limited to a print run of only 200 books, this will ensure an increase in the book's value in future years. Each of these eight officially numbered Collector's Edition Books will be signed, numbered and registered by Bill Bachmann.


"Caribbean Blue" This limited edition coffee-table book showcases almost all of the Caribbean Islands.  It is especially colorful and the reader will want to vacation as he turns each page.  It shows the people, places and feel of the Caribbean laid-back attitude in a unique & special way.  Looking at the book slows down the pace of life to adjust to Island Time.
"Wandering The Pacific Rim" This limited edition coffee-table book showcases an important area of the world. It showcases many colorful images of Australia, New Zealand, Fiji, Hawaii, Guam, French Polynesia, Papua New Guinea, and remote Easter Island.  Bill traveled on many trips to bring these wonderful pictures together in a book in this special way.  The feeling is relaxing and intriguing.

"Cuba - A Step Back In Time" This limited edition coffee-table book looks behind the forbidden world of Communism and Fidel Castro in Cuba.  As an American, Bill had special permission to travel all around Cuba to photograph this unique collection of pictures.  The reader will thoroughly enjoy looking at this unique colorful documentary of a life that has not changed in the last 50 years for Cubans.

"Majestic India & Nepal" This limited edition coffee-table book looks behind the colorful and diverse cultures of India and Nepal.  You will see wonderful colors and faces in this special book covering both cultures.  The color of India will absolutely amaze you!  Bill has captured India in a way to showcase the absolute beauty, while avoiding the overpopulation & problems.
"Faces" This limited edition coffee-table book proudly displays many of the GREAT people Bill has met and photographed in his extensive travels. It is with much joy that he gives these often very simple people some fame in this artful treasure. The reader will be amazed at the color and diversity of the faces and places illustrated in this handsome edition.
"Planet China" This limited edition coffee-table book gives glimpses into the most dominant and powerful country of the 21st Century. For so long China was isolated from the prying eyes of the world. Now, from behind those forbidden walls, the West is learning much more about the history and progress made by a country of over 1.3 billion people. Bill captures in a coffee-table format the beauty of the country and the tremendous warmth of its diversified population.
"Vanishing Cultures" This limited edition coffee-table book has the responsibility of capturing these fading civilizations before they are gone forever. Bill has traveled to isolated tribal cultures that will soon be non-existent in our rushed modern world. With a great deal of respect and obligation, he felt the need to record these ancient traditions before the bulldozers destroy these rituals in the name of progress. They are preserved here in large coffee-table format for the world to enjoy.
"The Beauty Of Greece" This limited edition coffee-table book showcases the boundless beauty of Greece and the Greek Isles. Of all the places on Earth, Bill thinks the Greek Islands are the most beautiful vistas to photograph. In this coffee-table mastepiece he illustrates his most beautiful photographs of this magical place. The reader will delight in the beauty and warmth of images taken from a photographer who knows the country well.



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"Introspective World:  A Photographic Journey for the Senses"
is Bill Bachmann's favorite writing. This brilliant coffee-table book is the ultimate travel photography journey... a book you will be proud to display in your home. You will witness so much of the world.

Bill feels this is the most rewarding project he has ever worked on in his career.  He says, "It's the best writing I've ever done.  It takes the reader on a wonderful voyage around our planet."

This large, beautifully produced book was printed on the very best gallery paper. Each page has colorful images with sensitive writing to experience this planet that we all share. You will travel as never before, witnessing places and people of earth. It has already won several design and printing awards and will be valued by anyone that loves photography or travel. You will experience our planet in ways you may never have considered... Bill's writing will touch your feelings. You will realize that people on earth have much more in common than they have differences... if only our world leaders would learn this.

You will treasure both the photography and the sensitive writing in this book, and you will be proud to display it in your home... or give as a special gift.



"Bachmann Tour Overdrive... Exploring Our Planet" Once a year Bill directs a group of special photographers & people that just love to travel to hard-to-reach places on Earth. This book is a cooperative effort to showcase the trips and these special individuals.

This once-a-year voyage is affectionately called "Bachmann Tour Overdrive". Many of the photographers that have traveled with Bill have published images of these exotic locations here.

The reader will admire the images from all over the world, in addition to the writing about our Earth. One of the best sections of the book is a five-page collage of crazy candids of the BTO group just being themselves.

Bill is as excited about this book -- featuring these outstanding people & pictures -- as he has been about any book he has produced. It is truely grand to highlight images from people who have become lifelong friends.

When you read this book & look at the photographs, you will want to travel with the "Bachmann Tour Overdrive" group yourself!









"Clicking The Shutter Is The Easy Part" is a must read for anyone interested in what REALLY happens in the advertising photography business. Author Bill Bachmann takes the reader behind the scenes on actual assignments as part of the photo team, illustrating the humorous events on locations all over the world. His wit and enthusiasm keep the audience interested as he documents -- with pictures and writing -- the production set-ups, how to work with beautiful models, and favorite places in the world to shoot. There are several chapters that show day-by-day shot lists and set-ups, with all the crazy changes to which a photographer must adapt. Any assistant who wants to work in the business should read this book!

This was Bill's first book and is still a great help to photographers, models, assistants and other crew hopefuls to get (and KEEP) interesting and lucrative assignments. One whole chapter tells what it is like to shoot famous celebrities like Bill Cosby, Donna Rice, Charlton Heston, Muhammad Ali, Burt Reynolds, and many others. The reader goes behind the scenes to find out what so many famous people are really like in their life. You'll travel to many exotic parts of the world and experience first-hand the "secrets of the trade." There are over 160 photographs, many behind the scenes, that illustrate commercial assignments from magazines.

Even though this was a early book written by Bill, it is still very informative and helpful today to anyone interested in the advertising business.

"Orlando: The City Beautiful" is a book that Bill proudly produced in collaboration with former Orlando Mayor Glenda Hood.

This coffee-table book is a wonderful example of living in Orlando today. Bill has traveled the world, but still enjoys returning to Orlando - his adopted hometown.

"Orlando: The City Beautiful"
is a large colorful story of people and places in the Central Florida area. Most books about Orlando talk about the theme parks... this book shows beautifully what it is like to really LIVE in Orlando. You will meet many characters that live in the area and give Central Florida it's personality. Bachmann and Mayor Hood really illustrated the city as a fun and vibrant Southern community.

Whether or not you call Orlando home, you will enjoy this escapade around the best city in Florida.











Ordering Information

"Remember The Joy"...
$49.95 -
Brand New Book!

"Send Me Anywhere"...

"Images of Woman" ...


"Caribbean Blue" ...
Special Limited Numbered Signed Copies ... $200.00

"Cuba - A Step Back In Time" ...
Special Limited Numbered Signed Copies ... $200.00

"Wandering The Pacific Rim" ...
Special Limited Numbered Signed Copies ... $200.00

"Majestic India & Nepal" ...
Special Limited Numbered Signed Copies ... $200.00

"Faces" ...
Special Limited Numbered Signed Copies ... $200.00

"Planet China" ...
Special Limited Numbered Signed Copies ... $200.00

"Vanishing Cultures" ...
Special Limited Numbered Signed Copies ... $200.00

"The Beauty Of Greece" ...
Special Limited Numbered Signed Copies ... $200.00

"Introspective World" ...
Regular Price... $59.95 - Special Discount Price ... $42.00

"Bachmann Tour Overdrive" ...
Regular Price... $39.95 - Special Discount Price ... $30.00

"Clicking the Shutter is the Easy Part" ...
Regular Price... $21.95 - Special Discount Price ... $12.00

"Orlando: The City Beautiful" ...
Regular Price... $44.95 - Special Discount Price ... $35.00


To order books, send to: Bill Bachmann, P.O. Box 950833, Lake Mary, Florida 32795 USA

There is a one-time charge of $8.00 for shipping & handling, regardless of how many books ordered. ($14.00 for foreign orders)

***FLORIDA RESIDENTS: add total cost of books, $8.00 S&H and add 7% Florida tax to the entire total***


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