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The fun-type resort ads we shot in the Bahamas for Paradise Island.

A very successful campaign indeed.

"Pardon me"...

A wonderful print and television ad campaign shoot for Grey Poupon. You have surely seen the two Rolls Royce autos next to each other on TV.

We produced these at a horse farm in Ocala, and it was a lot of fun... they also won many awards.

My recent work shows many unusual angles and action.

This image says "Freedom" and "Joy" on any vacation beach resort in the Caribbean or Mexico for stock.

Photographer Annie Leibovitz shoots most of the "got milk?" campaigns.

They called us and we had fun bending this gymnast upside-down... with a milk mustache of course!

Shot these fabulous fins on this old Cadillac on the beach in Cuba. It has sold for stories on Cuba often.

We just got a surprise when it became the cover of a calendar of autos of the 50's. I'll tell you one thing -- the place to shoot 1950's cars is definitely Cuba!

The beautiful greens from a helicopter of a lush golf resort. I shoot often in helicopters and planes.
The only time I have ever shot lifestyle for two days with NO male models.

All I did for this Savannah Woman's Hospital ad campaign were various situations with 4 generations of women.

Boy, did I learn a lot just listening !!

Jennifer O'Neill. Shot for a book project called "The Most Intriguing Women of the Last 50 Years".

Any boy over the age of ten in the 70's fell in love with her in the classic movie "Summer of 42."

Susan Lucci in Central Park in New York City. Susan is famous for the TV series "All My Children" and also on Broadway.

She was terrific to work with on a really cold miserable day.

Had a fun day shooting cowboys at a ranch in Texas.

These guys were the real deal.

My same cowboys photographed to look like a modern illustration.
A nice article about us in a 4-page spread in SHUTTERBUG Magazine.
I got down on the ground and shot thru a bicycle wheel of this unigue angle of the famous Mao portrait at the Forbidden City entrance in Beijing.

This has been published often to promote Chinese Tourism.

An unusual perspective.

One of my favorite places - Monument Valley, Utah. I've shot lots of ads here.

What's best about this image is the rocks & road creates leading lines drawing you into the picture. A beautiful place indeed.

My bright colors for the cover of Caribbean Travel and Life magazine.

A great stock photograph ever since.

Cruise companies send me on grand adventures.

Frank Attwood and Judy Lehman climbed many a mountain for me as we shot in the Greek and Turkish Islands.

We shot this ad high in the mountains of Santorini.

I waited quite some time for these clouds to form in Portland, Maine. A blue sky would not have created the mystic mood I was seeking in this panoramic image.

I love this area of the USA in Maine: the smells, the sounds, and the scenes. And, of course, the lobsters!

Great models in a sexy pose in the Caribbean.

Somebody has to do this work !

The BIGGEST model I have ever shot.

I have worked with the NBA great Shaquille O'Neal on two different occasions, and he is wonderfully animated.

He's also HUGE... I'm tall, and I felt small indeed. For Regal Boats.

Capturing my color and energy for a major real estate client, Arvida.

I love the lead headline.

Having fun shooting with another catchy headline.

The multi-ethnic pool image is now also a good stock seller.

My ugly face for a cover story of a Florida magazine.

I like it a lot more when my images -- not my face -- are on magazine covers!

This simple sexy image of a woman with sand has been very successful as a stock image.

Go figure?

We found this wonderful man in the old colonial city of Trinidad, Cuba.
Three girlfriends having fun traveling together in Europe, Cuba, or anywhere!

These are three great friends in my life. I wanted them to pose together and it has sold as a stock photo for various travel usages.

Playing with bright primary colors for one of my promo cards.

The LOOK glasses cost me one dollar at a flea market.

We photographed singer and actress Maureen McGovern for the AARP magazine.

You may remember her biggest hit, "There's Got to Be a Morning After."

The client asked for just a portrait, but my interpretation was to rent a theatre and blast it in color.

I shot this photo of the pop group The Backstreet Boys in my Florida studio. Known worldwide, they are still a really great group of guys.

After the shoot, I taught them the song "The Cover of the Rolling Stone" by Dr. Hook.

It was fun to harmonize with them on a song from my generation.

Capturing all the exuberance and excitement of actress Marilu Henner for an issue of Spa Magazine.

She was one of the stars of the TV shows "Taxi" and "Evening Shade."

Her energy is boundless!

An interior from a multi-million dollar home.

We are shooting some really cool interiors for various developers and builders.

My new company, Bachmann & Associates, can do HD video, 360 panoramics and outstanding stills for any advertising project.

I rented a professional baseball stadium to photograph L.A. Dodger pitching great Orel Hershiser.

The photography was used on the cover of his new autobiography, "Between the Lines".

Shot for Christian Dior.

We always shoot swimsuit ads in the cold of winter !

This model was freezing at the beach on a breezy February day.

The good news is that you can't tell in the photo.

To shoot this boating cover, I stood on the skids outside of a helicopter going backwards at 50 miles per hour...

This sure is an exciting profession. I love the fact that each day is totally different.

A beautiful woman walking the beach with seagulls.

The woman, by the way, is Ulrika Ericsson - a good friend - and Miss November in Playboy magazine.

Beautiful Ulrika as my model, here shot on white in Ft. Lauderdale.
This shot from a helicopter for Regal Boats is perfect as a stock photo for banks, travel, or any client that wants to illustrate success.

This graphic image has lots of room for copy and says "The Good Life" for any ad campaign.
Catching the PEAK of energy in Jamaica for Sandals Resorts.

My favorite part of photography is capturing "THAT MOMENT!"

Great models worked well for me for this magazine in Norway.
UH HUH! says it all for Diet Pepsi. Playful models and color really sell this product.
A very visible campaign with Arnold Palmer for Cooper Tires.

This series of ads and posters has run in USA Today and many other major magazines.

Arnie is as wonderful of a person as he is a golfer - and I even told him my golf jokes.

Cindy McCormick is the model in Cancun, Mexico.

This series of photographs has been successful in many countries for many products.

My travel images are published weekly in most of the developed countries on our planet.
John Weyrick is a favorite model of mine. I always attempt to portray him in humorous situations.

A surreal portrayal of a nightmare in bed... I told him to look scared and frightened.

John is one of the best models I know to illustrate my abstract concepts.

Healthy action captured for Blue Cross / Blue Shield Insurance.
Photos of minorities are very important in advertising in America today.

Here a sun-lit black couple shows their young son on the computer.

I shoot for many cruise accounts and the theme is always relax in the sun.

Here my model does it perfectly!

We won awards for this Caribbean brochure of a brand new island development.

They are selling 400 oceanfront lots on this small island, but absolutely nothing was built when our crew arrived with the models. We made it look like a fun place, but it sure wasn't easy.

A graphic image I took for Sea Escape Cruises.

They liked it so much they also used it along the side of their stationery.

The most expensive set-up for one photograph in my career.

Six jets, 12 pilots overnight, fire department to wet the tarmac, cherry pickers, flying us to Atlanta for the shoot, etc., all for one important photo for Lear Jets.

It worked... they won awards !

I'm known nationally for color and energy. Here my models play in ads for the giant Atlantis Resort in the Bahamas.

This image can be used for many other projects.

I love bringing technology to Third World countries!

This woman in Kathmandu finds great joy in a laptop.

My assistant, Alan Knapp, posed with a majestic sky for a golf ad.

Alan was worried about his golf swing... I knew the "gelled" sky would not allow anyone to even notice.

This is my style of lighting.

Multi-ethnic models having fun in the sun.

Yellow tubes, shot from above, in a Caribbean pool. The water just sparkles!

This is one of my most successful stock shots. Here it is used as a cover for Caribbean Travel & Life.

Another cover with the same successful pool image.

The magazine is for American Airlines.

It's difficult to find a better lit, or more energetic, gambling photo.

We shot in an empty casino at 5 a.m... and they counted the chips when we left !

If you need stock photography of gambling, this is the one.

I'm known for having many ethnic family images.

Here our model family enjoys healthy bike riding together in the sunny outdoors.

This image has now become a major ad campaign for Bank of America with posters, flyers, etc.

A wonderful couple on the beach. Sonya is another good model and friend that I often shoot.

I specialize in many ethnic lifestyle and business stock images for rent.

Another example of my "Golden Light," shot in the Caribbean for Atlantis Resorts.

I love to shoot for clients that allow me to create a "magic moment."

That's a cigar!

Nine trips to Cuba and I still miss it daily.

Isn't this how we all live... sipping champagne in the lobby of a grand resort?

I shoot a lot of assignments illustrating affluent, upscale lifestyle.

By the way, the woman in blue is Sylvia Hitchcock, former Miss Universe.

This image begs to be a cover of a retirement magazine.

I used blur to illustrate action and a healthy senior lifestyle.

It should become a great seller for many products and brochures.

Golden light for the Golden Age. A clean, timeless photograph.

This type of stock image is the fastest growing market in the USA... healthy, vibrant middle-aged and retired people being active.