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Thank you for selecting my TRAVEL Slide Show. You can just sit at your computer and travel the entire planet right now -- no passport or plane ticket needed.

The beautiful wild horses running in the fantastic country of Iceland exemplifies what the freedom of my travels feels like to me. I have great clients that believe in me and send me all over this colorful Earth. I am so glad my career has no walls.... only doors!

Hanging from helicopter with camera above the clouds in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

I have been on assignment in over 180 countries on all seven continents. I've photographed most of the man-made monuments on our planet Earth, hopefully attempting to make the images both colorful & unique.

I saw this beautiful location and talked a gentle Hindu woman in pink to model for me.

It was worth it.
Immediately this Indian woman image started selling for stock. It sold often in travel books and even a fashion spread.

Here it sold for a magazine cover for Private Clubs, a publication with some of the most affluent readers in the USA and abroad.

The magazine entered this cover into awards competition. It won the Best Travel Magazine Cover Photograph of the Year in North America by the travel industry. I was quite pleased.
I met this young Himba girl in the giant sand dunes of Namibia and she was fascinated by my Nikon cameras. So I gave her a quick lesson and then let her shoot her own pictures with my camera.

Here is her thrilled reaction after she shot and the digital image popped up for her to see. Such fun to share with someone who had never used a camera!

My assignment was to photograph fjords in Norway all the way past the Arctic Circle. What a great opportunity to see this fabulous area of the world.
I decided that too many tourists shoot travel "selfies". So here in the Sahara Desert of Morocco, I directed an Arab man to take a cell phone picture of his buddy with his beloved camel.


Talk about spectacular! One night in the Reykholt Valley in Western Iceland the sky spoke to the Earth. I have seen the Northern Lights before, but nothing like this 1 1/2 hours of color dancing in the sky.

Once in your lifetime, make sure you go and find the Northern Lights! You will never forget them...

I love the color & energy of these dancers spinning in Costa Maya.

I always enjoy the pace of Mexico.
I've always smiled at these jumping Masai warriors at the Masai Mara in Kenya.

It reminds me of the AT&T/Cingular signal bars. I could have allowed them to jump in an AT&T ad!

From a church tower high above the colorful city of Bruges, Belgium. I love the play of colors in the roofs and umbrellas.
I stood knee deep in the fountain to get an unusual view of France's most famous site.

I wanted to look "through" the fountain and see this bull statue.

As I travel the world, I am constantly amazed at the power of women.

This environmental portrait of a young Maasai woman really shows her strength and determination.

I rented a helicopter in the outrageous city of Dubai to shoot the only 7-star hotel in the world, the Burj Al Arab. It resembles a large sailboat on a man-made island.

I had a lunch & a dinner there and it was so expensive I could've bought a whole new set of golf clubs!
I love making this Cuban man & his classic car into a graphic illustration.
While in Cuba, I shot in Havana's top boxing gym. Here one of Cuba's best boxers is now the main coach. Here the famous "Black Prince" shows me a magazine story.

I even practiced boxing with one of his boxers. Thank God it was just for fun!
I always try to create unusual travel images that I shoot for magazines. I can still hear these young Cambodian monks laughing when we set up cartoons on our iPad.

These unique ideas help make my work stand out from other photographers.

Love the feel of this isolated rice farmer in the beautiful mountain village of Yangshuo in Southern China.

The isolation and colors work well to show China travel.

I have traveled most of our earth and Papua New Guinea is the most primitive civilization I've witnessed.

Headhunters, cannibals, trading pigs for wives... PNG has it all !

Look at the vibrant colors of this Huli Wigman. This image has been used for several major ad campaigns.

Shooting in one of the most mysterious places on Earth, the Galapagos Islands.

This giant tortoise is probably 300 years old and weighs 500 lbs.

An amazing fact is that one-third of the world's species of all animals are found in the Galapagos and nowhere else! Darwin believed this place was the beginning of evolution.

In one of the most primitive places I've ever been, I photographed this beautiful "First Wife" in the Omo Valley of Ethiopia.

She was so pleasant and her smile said it all. Belonging to the Bena Tribe, she has a really tough life.

But she made my day better!
Sunset at the Great Pyramids of Giza, Egypt. This is one of my all-time favorite photographs.

The area was off-limits, so I had to bribe the police to shoot here. I waited two days for the golden color to be perfect.

I'm glad I waited.
This isolated church with the majestic Dolomites in the background is a special part of Italy.

Look at the "POWER" of the mountains in another little village in the Dolomites region of Italy!

Waiting for the right light & time made this image really spectacular!

Love the space of this image.

This lonely Masai warrior in the Serengeti is dramatic and powerful.

Graphic image of a Muslim woman praying at the 8th largest Mosque in the world, built at Abu Dhabi in the U.A.E.
One of my crazy trips!

They are masters at multi-tasking! The clay plates in their lips do not seem to interfere with computers, feeding babies, carrying pots and even swatting all the flies that they collect...

What a wild time it was!

Shooting at night in the elevated & remote village of Cuzco, Peru.

Cuzco is one of my favorite cities on our planet to shoot -- but also one with the highest altitude!

My favorite "grab" shot from a small river in Jamaica. I love the peace and tranquility of this scenic.
The swirl of a Mexican dancer. This has been a cover several times and I really enjoy the "flow" of this image.
Shooting infrared of zebras in Tanzania.

Love this image & that old tree!
These men in Southern China tie the throats of their cormorant birds and then have them dive for fish.

This is one of the few areas of the world where this ancient ritual is still practiced.

Shot for China Tourism.

My kind of fishing !
Santorini, perched on cliffs, is the most beautiful place in the world.

I am constantly drawn back to this magical Greek island.
Scenes like this sunset on the cliff in fabulous Oia are breath-taking.

I feel shooting in the Greek Islands is the best in the world.

What a fun day!

On assignment in Namibia with Kent Redding of Africa Adventures & Doug Singer of Jet Set magazine. We took really fast 4-wheelers all over the gigantic sand dunes.

Norie Quintos of National Geographic Traveler magazine and writer Mark Sissons were also with us, but they didn't ride with us that day. They sure missed a great time!
I have had extensive trips to Vietnam, Laos and Cambodia. They were powerful reminders of a tragic war... not America's finest moment.

I filmed this vibrant color at a flower festival in the Mekong Delta of Vietnam, which was the scene of many horrors of that war.
As good as it gets!

The Eilean Doran Castle on a peaceful lake in Northern Scotland makes a perfect night image.

I love this colorful graphic image of the Floating Market of Thailand from above.
A story-book scene of the Old Town of Tallinn, Estonia from above.

This city promises to be the "new" Prague.
His name was Charlie and I'm not sure which of us hated the other more.

But Charlie took me around the mystical Sahara Desert.

We got to know each other well!

I finished a great assignment in Tunisia in Northern Africa.

I was paid to journey into the fabulous Sahara Desert. . . not a bad gig !

This man in a turban really exemplifies the rough terrain.
Just one of the many weathered faces I photographed on this remote Tunisia project.

I look forward to returning to this great country and the Sahara.
This only happens every two years in Brussels, Belgium. These are all live flowers in the Grand Place in the center of the city. They call it the "Flower Carpet".

I'm glad I hit the dates right. It is impressive!
Some of the color of Kathmandu.

These are religious men, not beggars, on their way to the temple.

This assignment was for my exciting two-year long Kodak World Tour to 72 countries. I really get to meet so many interesting people in my many travel assignments. I sure wouldn't want a real job!
I found the "Jack Nicholson" by the holy river in another trip to Kathmandu.
Another of the GREAT faces that I meet in my travels. I look for people in my travels that have character.

This man in Guatemala was just terrific to photograph.
Brand-new images of Cuba today. A classic old American car goes by the Capitol.

Let's hope the embargo is lifted soon so that Americans can come to Cuba and enjoy this great country.

I visited Cuban schools and have many pictures like this of the students in uniforms.

They were excited to meet Americans.
After many trips to Cuba, I finally picked the right month to capture tobacco fields in harvest.

I was thrilled to have these stock images!

The color and flavor of the Cuban people are amazing to photograph. Over 50 years of the embargo has not begun to dull their energy.

A colorful scene of a woman and her cigar in Old Havana. She has become my friend now and I see her on each of my trips. I bring her pictures and she loves them.
On one of my trips to Cuba I shot some images in Infra-red.

Here is the square in Cienfuegos, Cuba.

I really like this feel.
A very rare photograph. I found this wonderful Amish man in Pennsylvania. He was so interesting.

The best part is he signed a model release, so the images can be used for advertising!!
Several years ago I traveled across Siberia. I found this elderly farming couple and the photo I took I used in one of my books.

I came back 4 years later and gave them the signed book. They were so pleasantly surprised.
The dancers in Bali have expressed color and mystery for centuries.

I love this man's exciting expression.
An elegant assignment in breath-taking Fiji.

A glamorous image at the pool of the fabulous & exclusive Shangra La Coral Coast Resort.
I love this image of the famous vista of Victorian homes with the beautiful skyline of San Francisco in the background

A great stock seller.

From a church tower 530 steps up, I explore a graphic portrayal of my favorite city in Europe -- Prague.
Capturing all the energy, color and revelry of the Carnival in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.
My most famous photograph... "Paris at 100 miles per hour."

I shot this years ago and it has been sold as a stock image well over 1000 times.

This is my gallery poster of this Paris image.

I have had exciting journeys to both the Top and Bottom of our globe.

On this trip, I drove a rented four-wheeler far above the Arctic Circle. I was 400 miles north of the highest paved road on Earth.

Totally alone "ON TOP OF THE WORLD"... what a feeling!

The BEST trip of my entire life was to the Bottom of the World -- also the toughest place to reach.

We braved 40-foot seas to cross the mysterious Antarctic Circle. Penguins and icebergs were everywhere.

Our crew really felt like explorers on this marvelous expedition.

The hardest part of shooting monuments of the world is coming up with an image that's unique.

Here I shot through a doorway to capture the awe-inspiring Taj Mahal at sunrise.

I traveled on 5 continents for Saga Holidays, a large travel company with bases in both London and Boston.

We traveled with three different art directors on a wonderful, but exhausting, assignment.

Here is one of our covers for travel in China.
Another of the many covers we did for Saga Holidays.

This photograph shows the glory of the Grand Palace in Bangkok, Thailand.

Here I was shooting in the mecca of French Impressionism in Provence for Saga.

I got to visit so many gardens and locations that the Masters used for painting.

A peaceful image of the beautiful Emerald Pool in the lush country of Dominica.
A unique view of the Eiffel Tower in the great city of Paris.
The majestic Ayers Rock, called "Uluru" by natives, in the Australian Outback at sunrise.
This unusual B&W image of a Aborignal grandmother in the Outback of Australia. I really like the black and white cloud treatment. B&W makes this much more interesting as she takes pictures with my old camera.
My first trip to Easter Island - the most remote place on Earth. It is 2400 miles to any other inhabited island.

I was amazed at the fabulous moai statues all over the country. How did they get there?
Easter Island, and it's wonderful people, is truly a relaxing paradise.
In remote Mongolia a man in the doorway of their traditional ger.

What a fantastic trip I took via the Trans-Siberian Railroad across 11 time zones from Moscow thru Siberia & Mongolia, all the way to China.
Male bears fighting at Churchill in Northern Canada.

We photographed these wonderful polar bears in the wild.

What an experience!
Look how curious these giant creatures are.

Our Tundra Buggies felt amazingly safe !
A night photograph of Fira, the main city in beautiful Santorini, Greece.

Fira sits perched on a cliff overlooking the magnificent Mediterranean.

It doesn't get much better than this...
My surrealistic representation of the Tulum ruins in the Mexican Yucatan, a wonderful side trip from Cancun.
Look at the bright colors of these young Zulu tribe girls !

They loved when I knelt in front of them with my strange Fisheye lens.

I laid in the flowers to get this unique perspective of the St. Louis Arch.

Believe it or not, a TWA pilot, on his last flight before retirement, flew inside the Arch.

I wish I'd seen that !
I brought a laptop to the jungles of Papua New Guinea and the Huli Wigmen.

It was a fun time !
An image I captured that illustrates the power, awe, and isolation of wonderful Iceland.

The people I put there to show perspective.
The color of the Caribbean is captured by this graphic market in Grenada. They love Americans here... we rescued them from Cuba and you see "We love the USA" graffiti on buildings everywhere.

Not enough of that in the world today !

This is one of our best selling stock shots to illustrate the relaxation of a perfect holiday vacation.

The photo gently says "These chairs are for you..."
Building my own pyramid in magical Egypt.
Tibetan monk pouring yak butter into the candle holders.

Everywhere you go in Tibet, some product is made from the revered yak... butter, beer, candle wax, meat, rugs, sweaters, and more.

And the best part is the yak also carries a lot of weight up the mountains.
On a mountain across from the famous Potala Palace, home of the Dalai Lama, in Lhasa, Tibet.

All of Tibet is so isolated and awe inspiring. Elevation here is 14,000 feet.
I thought I knew the color GREEN. Then I went to Bali.
We discovered this colorful boy with his llamas high in the mountains of Cuzco, Peru.

This region of the world is one of the most remote areas you could ever visit.
I befriended this man in the old section of Jerusalem.

In my travels, I am drawn to people with such character in their faces.
Shooting with my big panoramic camera in Peru.

Once in your lifetime, you need to experience the fabulous, mystical scenery of Machu Picchu...

At the Taj Mahal, I had to ask this woman's husband if he minded me photographing his wife.

He was honored I thought his wife was so beautiful... I was just very lucky to meet such a grand smile.

I love to shoot graphic sunsets all over the world. Most countries have ruins... Greece has RUINS!

I never tire of looking for new ways to capture the warm Mediterranean feel of Greece.
I call this photo "Earned Wrinkles" and it portrays why I love to travel.

This Egyptian woman has little money, but the pride in her eyes is what I was looking for in Cairo.

All people on Earth have much more in common than we have differences... if only our world leaders would realize this!
I've been to the Red Square in Moscow when it was oppressed and when it was free. This visit, it was free. Funny, it doesn't feel free. These policemen with the attache case still bring fear to the citizens of Russia.

They still remember...
This image shows how small our world really is.

A woman selling oranges in a small village in Southern China checks her email.
Americans always mistake this bridge for the London Bridge. This was sunset at the Tower Bridge over the River Thames.

London will always be special to me. I lived there while attending graduate school and had a great time.

You have no idea how rare photos are of the Great Wall with NO people!

Each time I am in China, I marvel at the splendid scenics and people.

I love coming to the Great Wall and taking photographs at sunset as it snakes for miles through the ragged mountains.
This religious man in Kathmandu had never cut his hair.

He was dying, so he came from his small town to the river... his goal was to have his ashes spread into the holy waters.

The hours I spent with this man were very special to me. I have always loved this image.
A peaceful stream in Glacier National Park in Montana.

A rainy day only added to the brilliant color and glow of the water.
My studio manager and I are creating many travel images. It is enjoyable to illustrate tourist spots on Earth by combining several of my photos. Here a Masai Warrior looks over a majestic sunset in the Serengeti Jungle of Tanzania. We have many countries combined in unique ways for use as advertising stock photography.

The original client for this shoot was Kodak.