Lectures and Seminars

One of the joys of my life is motivating and helping other people find success and happiness in their careers.  I have lectured, literally, all over the world and I find that I learn as much as I teach.  I have been a featured speaker in six continents (I just can’t find any good conferences in Antarctica!)  and have been blessed to meet & greet a wide variety of people. I have had the opportunity to give over 300 lectures and appear on almost 100 TV Talk Shows in many parts of the world!


                      Lecture1                                Villages1
                                Photo: Frank Rocco                                                                                                                                         Photo: Anne Bailey

                                   Photo: Salem Krieger


In addition to traveling lectures & seminars, I also occasionally conduct an exclusive “Weekend With Bachmann” at my Florida studio. After not having a "Weekend" for over 3 years, I had one in 2016 and I hope to have others in the future. I always offer a great discount of $200 for OCC, PPSCF & ASMP members. That brings the price for the whole weekend to only $495. It is a three-day extensive seminar geared towards success in stock photography.  We include a day of shooting over 20 beautiful lifestyle models and multiple organizational & business practices.  This “Weekend” has helped many photographers find the freedom that stock photography allows. Click on the poster below to see what we do in these extensive weekends. I hope to hold another one sometime soon.

WEEKEND2016 color

We also have once or twice a year a photography trip that I direct to some exotic part of the world. We call our group "Bachmann Tour Overdrive" and we have become a family of adventurous travelers. These are hands-on trips that I set up to take adventurous people to places in the world that I love. Everyone comes home with GREAT pictures! To travel with BTO you need to love three things: Travel, Adventure & Photography. For more information on these trips Click Here


At the very bottom of this page are testimonials from photographers who have taken my "Weekend with Bachmann" and other seminars with me.


I also lecture many times around Florida and the USA each year.  I have been a guest lecturer several times at the giant PhotoPlus convention in New York City, other state-wide conventions, had many seminars at various ASMP, PPA, APA functions and camera clubs around the country. I totally love the interaction and mingling with new people.


If you would like Bill to lecture to your Camera Club or photography organization, Click Here for list of phone numbers of Chapter Presidents for reference.


ASMP former President Susan Carr has vetted my latest seminar and has recommended all the ASMP chapters to use this presentation in one of their monthly meetings. I give both a one-night lecture and sometimes follow that with a full-day seminar the next day. In the future I will be giving these seminars to selected ASMP & PPA chapters & Camera Clubs all over the country when time permits. See my tentative schedule below.


To any ASMP, PPA or local camera club:  Email our studio and we will attempt to schedule a seminar the fits YOUR audience.  I always try to do several seminars in the same geographical region to save on time/travel expenses. I want it to be convenient and practical for your particular group.  


I really have great pride in the people I have mentored who are now seeing their career dreams realized. It is such a joy to see many individuals who have attended my seminars and, having followed some of my guidelines, are progressing toward the freedom & joy that making money – while doing what they absolutely love – brings!


Tentative schedule of workshops, lectures, photo trip adventures and seminars


Trans-Siberian Railroad, Russia - POSTPONED UNTIL 2017 or 2018 ---- We are heading through seven time zones starting in Moscow, thru Mongolia all the way to Beijing, China. This will be one of our greatest adventures. We will take the train for several days and fly to other cities to stay in hotels in Siberia and even stay in nomad gers with locals in Mongolia. This trip promises to fill up quickly so act fast. Click Here 

Ireland & Northern Ireland July 9 - 24th, 2017 ---- This is a great opportunity to circle the green countries of Ireland & Northern Ireland for 2 fabulous weeks. We arrive & finally depart 2 weeks later from the capital city of Dublin. We will board a luxury bus and slowly traverse both countries. Along the way we will shoot numerous castles, tiny quaint villages, taste the beers & foods in so many tiny Irish pubs and, basically, explore the towns & daily life of our Irish roots. We will stop and meet people everywhere, from lonely farmers to village residents. This will be a first-hand photo experience as we capture the green mountains, exotic castles and friendly residents as we have much free time to wander & photograph everything we see. For more information & to register Click Here


Cuba 2017 ----  April 18, 2017 - May 2, 2017. We have a 15-day mission to Cuba in the Spring of 2017. The demand for Cuba trips is skyrocketing because everyone now wants to see Cuba before it changes and becomes "Americanized". We have the most extensive trip available at a price far less than others are charging. Bill has led 9 trips to Cuba and knows it well. He will show you parts of Cuba and set up photographs you will get nowhere else. For more information Click Here 

Antarctica, South Georgia & The Falklands Feb 21 - March 16, 2017 ---- There are just a few spots left in the most exciting voyage that BTO has ever done. We are flying to Buenos Aires, Argentina for several days and then on to Ushuaia -- the southernmost city in the world. Then we board a ship for the most fantastic trip anyone will ever take. We will spend time with penguins, whales, seals, icebergs and everything else Antarctica has to offer. But after that, we travel to the best place to see thousands of King Penguins -- South Georgia. Words can not describe what it feels like to walk amidst of a group of thousands of 3 foot high King Penguins!! After several days, we then travel to The Falklands for more penguins and history. After several days there we cruise up to the beautiful capital of Montevideo, Uruguay. We then fly home from Montevideo. Bill has found a great company that has a super price, and you can get 10% off if paid in full one year before the date of travel. You must act fast to get this special price and the few remaining spots.  For more information Click Here.  


Northern Italy July 7 - 21, 2016 ----  We will travel to the most exciting & beautiful areas of Italy: Tuscany, Cinque Terre, Lake Como, Florence, the Dolomites mountains, Milan & Venice. CLICK HERE for details.


Cuba 2016 ---- March 29 - April 12, 2016. We have a 15-day mission to Cuba in the Spring of 2016. Email the studio for more information if you are interested.
Click Here


February 26 - 28th, 2016 - Workshop "Weekend with Bachmann" ----  Orlando Studio, Orlando Florida. 
Limited space available on this informative weekend workshop. We have helped many photographers make more money and have their work published worldwide. For more information see the top of this page.  Click Here


February 3rd, 2016 - Lecture "Come Visit Our Planet" ----  Another travel lecture of exciting images and some of the stories behind the scenes. We will show pictures of our world and how to become successful with stock photography. Hickory Museum of Art, 243 3rd Ave NE, Hickory, North Carolina 28601 at 6pm.  --- Hickory, NC 
For more information Click Here 


 January 29th, 2016 - Lecture "Come Visit Our Planet" ----  A new travel lecture filled with beautiful images and the behind the scenes stories at Crealdé School of Art. --- Winter Park, Florida
For more information Click Here


January 21st, 2016 - Lecture "Come Visit Our Planet" ----  A brand-new travel lecture of exciting images and some of the stories behind the scenes. Photography Club at Sunset Pointe at 9:30am Lake Miona Rec Center, 1526 Buena Vista Blvd. --- The Villages, Florida
For more information Click Here


Iceland & Greenland in September of 2015 ---- This will be probably the most beautifully scenic trip that BTO has ever done. Everywhere we look in Iceland is unique & picturesque.  We will drive the Ring Road circling this fantastic country of "Fire & Ice". We will stay in many villages and explore the icebergs, green fields, and the geothermal energy of Iceland's many geysers.  The small country of Iceland has many looks --- part of it looks like Alaska, part of it would pass for Ireland and also much of it looks like the geysers of the Western USA.  It will be an easy trip filled with fresh seafoods and wonderful warm people.  Bill also plans a three day excursion to Greenland --- which is almost all ice, if we can get a more reasonable price for these few days in Greenland.  CLICK HERE


MAY 11th, 2015 - Lecture "Come Visit Our Planet" ---- Orlando Camera Club monthly meeting at Marks Senior Center, at 6:30pm. A brand-new travel lecture of exciting images and some of the stories behind the scenes. For more information Click Here


APRIL 21st, 2015 - Lecture "A New Way To Look At Your Photography -- How to Make More Money In Your Business" -- PPSCF ---- monthly meeting at Doc's Streetside Grille, at 1315 South Orange Avenue, Orlando, FL 32806 at 7pm - 9pm. For more information go to www.theppscf.com.


Morocco & Spain November 3 - 20, 2014 ---- We have an exciting Photographic Caravan to Spain & Morocco. This trip will be co-lead by Harold Davis & Bill Bachmann. This is a spectacular voyage starting in Barcelona, Spain and continuing across the Rock of Gibraltar and all over the colorful cities & desert locations of Morocco. It will be a combination of fine-art photography and colorful travel imagery. For more information Click Here.


JULY 10th, 2014 Lecture "Evening with Bachmann" Chippewa Valley Photo Club -- Eau Claire, WI. Click Here


APRIL 23rd - MAY 7th, 2014   We have a 14-day mission to Cuba. Email the studio for more
information. Click Here


FEBRUARY 27th, 2014  Lecture "A Evening with Bill Bachmann" Casement Camera Club --- Ormond Beach, FL
----- For information Click Here


FEBRUARY 20th, 2014  Lecture "A Morning with Bill Bachmann" Photography Club at Sunset Pointe in The Villages --- The Villages, FL
----- For information Click Here


SEPTEMBER 6th - 20th, 2013   We have a 15-day adventure to the Greek Islands. For more
information. Click Here


AUGUST 25th, 2013 Lecture "Travel Photography Part I & II" Gold Rush Chapter Meeting of 16 Camera Clubs --- Sacramento, CA
For more information Click Here


AUGUST 7th, 2013 Lecture -- "An Evening with Bill Bachmann " The Darkroomers Photographic Club of San Diego --- San Diego, CA  Click Here

MAY 4th & 5th, 2013 Two Day Seminar with Bill Bachmann & Joe Drivas. It is called "Fire & Ice" and you'll get 2 for 1 with two photographers with totally different techniques & workflows for only $99 for the First Day. This a rare opportunity to learn from successful image makers approaching photography from 2 unique perspectives. The second day is hands-on shooting with 10 models and critiques. -- Orlando, FL-- Limited Space Available -- For more information. Click Here


APRIL 2nd - APRIL 16th, 2013   We have a 14-day mission to Cuba. Email the studio for more
information. Click Here


MARCH 27th, 2013  Lecture "A Night with Bill Bachmann" Port Orange Camera Club --- Port Orange, FL
----- For information, email Winston Belgrave at wbelgrave@portorangecameraclub.com.


JUNE 15th - JUNE 29th, 2012   Bill will be taking a group of photographers -- and people who love to travel -- to a special safari
in Kenya and Tanzania. We will shoot the large animals in Africa from jeeps on many, many safaris, in addition to visiting various
areas & photograph Maasai tribes of the two countries. Deborah Sandidge, a talented instructor on BetterPhoto.com, is my
Co-Leader on this trip and will give several seminars along the way. Click Here for all information.


MAY 31st, 2012  Lecture "So You Want To Be A Photographer" Southeast Center for Photographic Studies --- Daytona Beach, FL
----- Daytona State College at 12:00 noon. For information, -- Click Here -- .


APRIL 23rd, 2012  Lecture "Editorial B&W: A New Way To Look At Photography" OCC --- Orlando, FL
----- Orlando Camera Club at 6:30 pm. For information, check website www.orlandocameraclub.com


MARCH 30th - APRIL 13th, 2012  We have a 14-day mission to Cuba. Email the studio
for more information. Deborah Sandidge, a talented instructor on BetterPhoto.com, is my
Co-Leader on this trip and will give several seminars along the way. Click Here


FEBRUARY 24th-26th, 2012 Workshop "Weekend With Bachmann" Orlando Studio --- Orlando, FL
----- Click Here -- Limited Space Available


FEBRUARY 21st, 2012 -- "Stock Is Not Dead" ASMP New York City Chapter --- New York, NY
----- Capsule Studio, NYC -- 6:00 pm -- Click Here --


FEBRUARY 9, 2012 Lecture "An Evening With Bill Bachmann" --- Melbourne, Australia
Australian Institute of Professional Photography, Melbourne, Australia
----- For more information, contact Sally Rodd at 0613- 9882 2461 -- 6:00 pm


NOVEMBER 17, 2011 Lecture "An Evening With Bill Bachmann"--- Merritt Island, FL
Merritt Island National Wildlife Refuge's Photography Club
----- Visitor's Center at Merritt Island National Wildlife Refuge -- 6:00 pm
-- Click Here --


OCTOBER 26th - NOVEMBER 8th. 2011   Travel BTO trip to Peru and Ecuador, with a side trip to Galapagos Islands.
Deborah Sandidge, a talented instructor on BetterPhoto.com, is my Co-Leader on this trip and will give several seminars
along the way. Click Here for all information.


SEPTEMBER 26th - OCTOBER 11th, 2011 Travel BTO trip to China. Click Here for all information.


SEPTEMBER 6, 2011 Lecture "A Day With Bill Bachmann" --- Camera Club of Brevard --- Melbourne, FL
----- Eau Gallie Civic Center, Melbourne, FL -- 6:30 pm
-- Click Here --


AUGUST 17th 2011 -- "Stock Is Not Dead" ASMP Colorado Chapter --- Denver, CO
----- Denver Press Club, Denver, CO -- 6:00 pm -- Click Here --


JULY 22nd 2011 -- "The Real Life Of a Photographer" The Camera Club of Bozeman Montana--- Bozeman, MT
----- Bozeman Public Library, Bozeman, MT-- 6:00 pm -- Click Here --


JULY 18th 2011 -- "An Evening With Bill Bachmann" Beaver Creek Reserve Photo Club --- Fall Creek, WI
----- Beaver Creek Reserve, Fall Creek, WI -- 7:00 pm -- Click Here --


JULY 12th 2011 -- "Stock Is Not Dead" ASMP New England Chapter --- Boston, MA
----- EP Levine, Waltham, MA -- 6:00 pm -- Click Here --


MARCH 27th - APRIL 10th, 2011 Travel BTO trip to Cuba. Call the studio for more information.
----- Click Here.


MARCH 19th-20th, 2011 Workshop "Nude Photo Workshop" --- Orlando, FL
----- Click Here -- Space LIMITED! Several nude models for day of shooting in/out of studio


MARCH 4th-6th, 2011 Workshop "Weekend With Bachmann" Orlando Studio --- Orlando, FL
----- Click Here -- Limited Space Available


JANUARY 24th, 2011 Lecture " You've Got Plane Tickets, Hotels & Passport - - Now What??" OCC --- Orlando, FL
----- Orlando Camera Club at 6:30 pm. For information, check website www.orlandocameraclub.com


NOVEMBER 2nd - NOVEMBER 18th, 2010 Travel BTO trip to Vietnam, Cambodia, Laos, Malaysia and Singapore.
----- Click Here for all information.


AUGUST 1, 2010 Workshop -- "Stock Is Not Dead" -- New Hampshire PPA --- Dover, NH
----- For all Information -- Click Here -- and call Steve Bedell, 603-743-5732 or email: sb@stevebedell.com


APRIL 24 - 25, 2010 Workshop "Nude Photo Workshop" --- Orlando, FL
----- Click Here -- Space LIMITED! Several nude models for day of shooting in/out of studio


MARCH 28 - APRIL 9, 2010 Travel BTO trip to Cuba. Call the studio for more information.
----- Click Here .


MARCH 9, 2010 Lecture "A Day With Bill Bachmann " --- Sierra Camera Club --- Sacramento, CA 

----- Click Here -- for all information.


FEBRUARY 22, 2010 Lecture " Having Fun And Getting Paid -- The Real Life Of A Photographer" OCC --- Orlando, FL
----- Orlando Camera Club at 6:30 pm. For information, check website www.orlandocameraclub.com


JANUARY 14, 2010 Lecture "A Day With Bill Bachmann" at Southeast Volusia Camera Club --- Edgewater, FL
Edgewater Public Library at 103 West Indian River Blvd. at 7:30 pm.-- or email --- tvoight@aol.com


DECEMBER 12, 2009 Lecture "The Excitement of Travel Photography" Professional Photographers/Africa Tunis, Tunisia Africa


NOVEMBER 13 & 14, 2009 Workshop -- "Stock Is Not Dead" ASMP Baltimore/ Washington D.C. --- Baltimore, MD
----- For all Information --Click Here -- and call Alan Gilbert, ASMP Baltimore President at 410-467-9159


OCTOBER 8-9, 2009 Two-Day Workshop -- "A Weekend With Bachmann" ASMP Chapter - Western New York --- Rochester, NY
----- For all Information -- Click Here -- and call David Ditzel, ASMP Western New York President at 585-704-8072


SEPTEMBER 14, 2009 Lecture-- "Traveling The World With Bill Bachmann" Italian Photographers Association --- Milan, Italy



                                                 Here are comments from people who have attended my lectures, seminars, and weekends:


When I decided to offer my images through stock agencies, I couldn’t find the guidance I needed in the books that were on the market, so I was getting nowhere. No agencies, no workflow, just image files taking up space.  When Bill announced his “Weekend With Bachmann” I signed up.  He shared everything and I adopted it for my business. In about three months my images had begun to sell and sales have steadily grown since. The pleasure I get from my stock business is awesome!

   Wallace Weeks


Bill has an insatiable passion for life and all the beauty the world has to offer.  His love for Life is contagious to those that know him, as it can be clearly seen in his awesome stock photography and his many books. Most of all, Bill helps all of us remember why we were attracted to photography in the first place, and it wasn’t the money – but the sheer joy of it all!
   Ken Gordon


"Weekend with Bachmann" was such a great learning experience. You provided much more than advertised. Your passion, drive, expertise and infectious laughter & smiles have inspired me to take my photography to the next level. Thank you for being so generous in sharing your ideas, creativity and workflow to help us succeed in our photography careers. I can honestly say, the only downside to the 3-day workshop was that I didn't want to leave! I will forever be reccomending you to others for your teachings and BTO travels.
   Denise Smith 


Bill’s lectures & seminars will leave you well-informed, empowered, and more importantly, ENTHUSIASTIC and MOTIVATED to get out and market your images.  Many of us have thousands of incredible images sitting dormant on our hard drives. They aren’t going to sell themselves.  Bill will guide you step- by-step on how to make money from the work you have already done. 

This man really knows what he is talking about!

   Karen Ashworth


Attending this seminar with Bill has inspired me to explore many new directions and opportunities in my work. I am very excited to put what I have learned into practice and look forward to sharing an abundance of success stories. 

Bill's love and passion for photography and sharing his knowledge is contagious and a real gift. I am grateful to have spent time together with him. He is a "people" person and it really shows!

   Bill Tripp


I've attended many, many seminar and workshops where I've left impressed with the speaker's talents & accomplishments, but without any real tangible steps I could immediately apply to my work. Bill, on the other hand, gave us all the steps & methods -- not to mention the great CONFIDENCE that we CAN do it -- and for that I rate him a 10 out of 10! He has, obviously, had great success, but also wants many others to be successful, and that is indeed a treat.

What I liked best was his passion, genuine encouragement, and sincere conviction that by following these methods with hard work, WE CAN DO THIS and be successful! His clear-cut mandate and procedures will allow us to take "bite-sized" pieces of this giant elephant of sending our work to stock agencies by finding success and not become discouraged before we start to see the good results. Thank you so much Bill for sharing from your heart!

   Carolyn Long


Bill gave a great crash course on how to earn a good income in stock photography even in today's market. If you want to know what sells, where and how to sell it, and how to get and stay organized, you'll hear it from Bill. If you're new to the field and wonder what attitudes and personal attributes spell success, Bill is a walking-talking example, a person energized with enthusiasm and can-do/will-do attitudes that it becomes evident are as important as the photos. You'll enjoy it and you'll learn from him. 

This week I spoke with several others who were in the weekend seminar I attended and they also -- three months after the seminar -- still give it a emphatic 10 on a scale of 10. It was time and money well spent. Thanks, Bill, for opening your studio and mind to us.

   Bettie Sommer


If you want to learn how to shoot, organize, and sell stock --- you need to
spend a "Weekend with Bill Bachmann"… PERIOD.

   Reg Garner


I just wanted to thank you again for all that I gained from your seminar that I recently attended. I now have some of my photos with one stock company and more to follow. You inspired me and gave me the knowledge and tools I needed to "step out of my comfort zone" and do something I have been wanting to do for years, but just didn't know how to get started.

Your love of photography and genuine desire to help others like me is self-evident. You have helped change my life. Wish I had done this seminar years ago.

   Jim Stanley


I would like to recommend Bill Bachmann's seminar to anyone who's interested in expanding their photographic horizons.  The  seminar left a big impression in the way that I feel about photography!  I learned about organizing photos, how to market my photos, and how to feel confident about photographing people.  Most important, Bill made it possible to see how a photo shoot can be totally organized and executed.  

The seminar allowed me to shoot a number of subjects, props, landscapes, and to improvise one's own ideas when it came to do actual shooting.  Bill was very knowledgeable and open to answer questions and give advice on many different areas.  The seminar offered a great learning environment where everyone involved was able to participate and learn about not only how to shoot photos, but also how to store them and sell them.  Indeed, it was money well spent and I am grateful to Bill for having allowed me to have this great opportunity.

   Rafael Colon


In my experience, Bill Bachmann is among the very best at providing the total absolute learning and inspirational experience in the photography world.  I really value the way Bill teaches and shares his experience. His seminars are leveraged by practical knowledge, plentiful examples, wonderful stories, all the while incorporating a lot of fun, a lot of good energy and--of course-- a lot of good pictures.

Thank you Bill.

   Silvija Basijokaite  


What a great experience!

Here you have a great photographer, teacher and person all wrapped up in one big tall guy willing to share everything he knows with everyone.  Having experienced Bill’s seminar, I was able to rekindle a love for photography. Bill takes you through his inter-most methods of running a huge stock business.  He goes from organizing your files to the stock companies that you should consider your first time out.  The seminar is full of lectures, organized activities, helpful hints, and many great stories!  This is all done in a very relaxed atmosphere with learning and having fun the reason to go.

If you have an opportunity to attend a seminar with Bill… don't pass it up!

   Ron Caimano


Enjoyed the workshop. Your suggestions regarding how to organize the stock portion of my business were very helpful. I enjoyed your constant enthusiasm and the quality and enthusiasm of everything. 

   Herman Thompson


Initially, we all fumble about when we endeavor to grasp a new concept or implement new dreams and ideas. Attending a Bill Bachmann extensive seminar provides the opportunity to gain insight from someone who, more than just being in the trenches of stock photography, has helped dig those trenches. The way in which Bill relates the story of his journey in photography helps the rest of us.

In his workshops Bill shares his experience and perspective of his ongoing journey in assignment and stock photography consistently, generously and unflinchingly with all attendees. Bill doesn't hold back. He listens and responds to the questions people bring with them. He emphatically encourages you to get on with it and begin NOW doing what you've dreamed about.  For encouragement, there's nothing like a good sharp stick wielded by someone who used to throw the javelin. It is this combination of elements and exchange of useful information which makes for such a valuable learning experience.  I now incorporate what I have learned at his workshop into how I organize my business, how I photograph and the way I set up my workflow. As a result of attending Bill's workshops, today I approach portrait commissions, editorial work, commercial assignments and self-assignments in ways which will benefit my business over a longer period of time. Much sooner than I would have otherwise, Bill has helped me learn to see and operate my business differently and more effectively.

If you asked me I would say, "Get on with it and DO IT".

    Chris Heurich


Because Bill is among the best, he attracts like-minded people. In addition to what is learned in class, the espirit de corps was great. I've had the privilege of working with a three other people I met that I would otherwise not have known. I had so much fun and learned a lot too.

Thanks Bill, for bringing the best together!

    JT Shim


“Weekend with Bachmann” is billed as a stock photography seminar, but it really was much more then that. Bill Bachmann opened up his studio, his business, his life experiences and gave us great insight into the business of photography.  I took so much more away from this seminar then I could have ever imagined. I am now pursuing my photography with a much greater passion, branching out into other areas of photography that I did not previously consider.

Thank you Bill!

    David Gelalia

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